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Ugly Sweater Holiday Party Attire – My Picks For This Holiday Season’s Best Of The Bad

By Tracie May-Wagner

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Ho Ho Ho Splash Mag fans!!  The holidays are officially upon us, and ‘tis the season not only to be jolly, but also to scour the web and local vintage shops in search of the tackiest, silliest, most ironic, cheeky and somewhat vulgar sweater you can find for your upcoming holiday soiree.  Yes… The “Ugly Christmas Sweater” is still a thing, and is as seemingly on trend this season, as it was in the early 2000’s when a couple of guys from Canada thought it would be just hilarious to force their guests to wear a uniform of an hideous sweater to their party.  Since then, the Ugly Christmas Sweater concept has infected the United States like a virus that keeps coming back no matter how many antibiotics you take.  December 16th is even coined “National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day”… Yes, you heard me right… The Ugly Sweater got it’s own dammed day!!!  And although I desperately long for the time of donning velvet, sequins and taffeta to my holiday season's cocktail fetes, I must admit that my closet is overflowing with a decade's worth of “Ghosts of Ugly Christmas Sweaters Past”. 

So, I present my picks for this year’s best of the best, Ugly Christmas Party attire… Wow, I actually just said that…


Film and Television Referenced:


Photos courtesy of holidayfury .com


  1. Darth Vader and Santa Hat Stormtroopers Ugly Christmas Sweater - $79 Holiday Fury Website
  2. House Stark - $49.95 Holiday Fury Website
  3. Let it Snow - $49.95 Holiday Fury Website
  4. The Walking Bread - $49.95 Holiday Fury Website


Christian Themed:


Photo 1 courtesy of FeelLikePablo for Etsy .com, Photo 2, 3 & 4 courtesy of tipsyelves. com


  1. Santa Pope - $45.99 Etsy Website
  2. Custom Party Nativity Scene - $69 Tipsy Elves Website
  3. Sweet Baby Jesus - $55.00 Tipsy Elves Website
  4. Birthday Jesus - $54 Tipsy Elves Website


Hanukkah Themed:


Photo 1 courtesy of holidayfury .com, Photo 2 courtesy of tipsyelves .com, Photo 3 courtesy of customizedgirl .com, Photo 4 courtesy of Bonton .com


  1. Geltdigger - $49.95 Holiday Fury Website
  2. Challah - $54 Tipsy Elves Website
  3. Hanukkah Ugly Lightsabers - $29.97 Customized Girl Website
  4. Llamakah - $46 Bonton Website


Has Absolutely Nothing to Do With The Holidays But They Made It Anyway:


Photo 1 courtesy of Rageon .com, Photo 2 & 4 courtesy of tipsyelves .com, Photo 3 courtesy of NFLshop .com


  1. Carlton Crewneck Sweatshirt - $75.99 Rage On Website
  2. Boston Sweater - $39 Tipsy Elves Website
  3. New York Giants Klew Royal Light-Up Ugly Sweater - $79.99 NFL Shop Website
  4. Christmas Drinking Sweater - $72 Tipsy Elves Website


If You Celebrate Everything Themed:


Photo 1 courtesy of target .com, Photo 2 courtesy of DenzDenim for Etsy. com


  1. Ugly Christmas/Hanukkah Sweater, Long Sleeve Tee - $30 Target Website
  2. Have a Happy Merry Christmakwanzakah - Slouchy Oversized Sweatshirt - $26 Etsy Website


When You Feel Like You Really Need to Take it to The Next Level:


Photo 1 & 3 courtesy of uglychristmassweater. com; Photo 2 courtesy of halloweencostumes .com


1.     Christmas Piggyback Ride On Elf Costume: $79.99 Ugly Christmas Sweater Website

2.     Dreidel Costume - $49.99 Halloween Costumes Website 

3.     Christmas Ride On Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer with Light Up Nose:  $59.99

        Ugly Christmas Sweater Website


Ugly Sweater Formal Wear:


Photo courtesy of Opposuits


Opposuits - $79.99 to $99.99 OppoSuits Website


My Family's Christmas Card:


Photo courtesy of Michael Bezjian Photography


Suit and Matching Tie: The Rudolf by Opposuits -  99.99 OppoSuits Website

Dress: Christmas Santa Claus Print Pullover Flared A Line Dress by LaSuiveur - $30 Amazon Website


Have a very Happy Holidays!!


Tracie May-Wagner is a Los Angeles based publicist and writer

Tracie May-Wagner website





Published on Dec 12, 2016

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