Top Celebrity Trends - Fashion Review of the Season

For those who want to stay on point with their look and embrace popular styles that are seen on the runway, there are a variety of clothing items and accessories to incorporate into your wardrobe this season. From lucite eyeglass frames to turtleneck sweaters, there's a few new ways to play dress up with your fashion.


Ankle Boots

Credit: Maegan Tintari

This season, ankle boots have become a staple in every fashionista's closet for a classic shoe that is ideal for the colder season. From fringe booties to studded rocker boots, the style offers a bit of edge to any outfit. Most people are opting to roll up their jeans when wearing the accessory for a clean and fresh style that looks put together.


Lucite Eyeglass Frames

Although vintage eyewear has increased in popularity in recent years, lucite eyeglass frames are a unique alternative to the style and are one of the most trendy looks to wear for the season. The product offers a minimalist style and can be worn year-round due to the neutral design.


Floppy Fedora Hats

Floppy fedora hats were commonly seen in the 1960s and are now a popular look to see in fashion magazines and on the runway this season. The item screams sophistication and femininity for an incredible look that offers a bit of mystery to any outfit. The hat is best paired with long hair, a fur coat, or a sheer dress for a beautiful accessory that is easy to wear with a variety of different items. The product can also be worn with a leather jacket and a pair of combat boots for a more masculine style that is more appropriate for the winter season.


Turtleneck Sweaters

Credit: Picky Wallpapers

As a staple of the '90s, turtleneck sweaters have officially made their comeback this season for a cozy clothing item that is easy to snuggle up in. Turtleneck sweaters are a must-have for both men and women for a timeless piece that draws attention to the facial features and bone structure. The item is best paired with leggings and a pair of combat boots or knee-high boots for an easy way to dress up of the latest trends of the season. Anna from The Chic Fashionista explained how to wear these.


Messenger Bags

Credit: My Handbag

For a casual and laidback look, messenger bags are a popular type of purse that is easy to throw on your shoulder and wear when on the go. From leather to nylon materials, the product offers a high level of functionality with the design for a popular purse style that always seems to re-emerge onto the runways. More people are choosing designer messenger bags for a chic item that still looks high-end and in vogue instead of overly sporty (like the Prada one I found on My Handbag).


Athletic Running Shoes

Credit: Hans (Pixabay)

Instead of just wearing a pair of Nike or New Balance running shoes to the gym, more people are incorporating it into their everyday style for a common accessory that has been seen on the streets. Athletic running shoes look best when matched with an oversized coat and scarf while braving the cold weather outdoors. They can also be paired with leggings and a beanie for an urban outfit that is a fresh take on winter wear from prior years.


Embroidered Denim

Fashion experts consider embroidered denim to be the new monogram of the season for a bohemian style that breaks all the rules. The look is playful and girly for a design that is best paired with loose tunics or sophisticated button-ups. Embroidered denim is also seen with jean jackets, wallets, and on pants for a look that can evoke either a bohemian or midwestern style. Most of the designs offer unique artwork that is hand stitched and looks one of a kind. Although it may not be a popular look that is seen on the streets just yet, it's beginning to emerge as one of the most creative trends that both men and women can embrace.



Credit: Chictopia

Capes were a common product for fashionistas to have in their wardrobe in the 1990s and the chic item is now a popular product to purchase for the colder season. The look is high-end with an incredible silhouette that won't go unnoticed in public. More people are also pairing capes with over-the-knee boots or a pair of sleek stilettos for a style that is great to wear during the day or when going out at night.


Due to the dramatic look of capes, they work as the focal point of any outfit and are best paired with a minimal amount of details for a chic appearance that isn't overwhelming.

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