The Ultimate Guide on Purchasing an Engagement Ring

Google it up and you will find load of advice pouring in on how to purchase the right engagement ring. There is one thing that out of all this, makes a little bit of sense – there is no one defined way of purchasing an engagement ring. You will have to make a choice on your own and research has it that it takes three months on an average to select an Arthur’s Jewelers engagement ring.

Though it is confusing, purchasing an engagement ring shouldn’t be a dreaded experience. Rather it should be exciting and fun! Most online companies try to make your experience a comfortable one by providing support and guidance online. Still, in case you have doubts, check out the following step wise guide for purchasing an engagement ring.

  1. Picking the Band: The wedding band is the circular part of the ring and is crafted out of gold, silver, platinum or can be made out of even a combination of metals. You need to understand what kind of jewelry your lady likes. Does she wear gold or silver often? Start paying attention to her earrings.

    Casually ask her about the metal and their hues that she prefers. There are a number of metals and each is unique in its own ways. It is more about what the woman in your life prefers. Does she like softer and cooler hues or the warmer tones like rose gold? Platinum is strong is 5 times more rare than gold.

  2. The Gem Stone: The second most important part of the engagement ring is the gemstone. Just like metals you have a quite a variety of gem stones to pick from. The gemstone can be set pronged or invisible. A square cut diamond/gemstone or the emerald cut one always needs a prong setting. The choice of the gemstone should be made somewhat on the basis of the metal type that you have selected and partly on the preference of the one for whom you are buying it. An important choice that you will need to make is picking between diamond and other gem stones like sapphire, turquoise, ruby etc. Traditionally diamond has been the main choice in wedding rings; however, with time other gemstones are also becoming popular.

  3. Size Matters: You simply can’t guess the size of that beautiful Tacori wedding ring or that from any other brand that you have to purchase from. While you have to keep the ring a surprise, you would need to figure out the ring size that she wears. Nowadays you don’t need to fret much though because you can get the ring resized later. Taking an approximate approach won’t hurt your pocket. Even then, you can ask any of her friends to help you find out her correct ring size.

  4. Picking the Right Place to Purchase From: This is toughie! With so many brands floating the markets how do you know the best place to purchase from? Do a bit of research to find out the prices at which the brands are selling the ring. This will help you get a better estimate of how much you will have to save prior to purchasing a ring. In case you are not able to figure out any jeweler yourself, ask your married friends or family members for help.

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