The Frye Company 2014 Spring Collection - Best Boots Forever

For those trekking to Park City Utah for the Sundace Film Festival this weekend, make sure to pack the right shoe for cold climates of the northwest. Stay fashionable in stride with a pair of durable boots from The Frye Company 2014 Spring Collection. For every festival trouper, a shoe from The Frye Company will bear style while withstanding any terrain.

The Frye Company combines style and durability to create a unique sense of fashion with a Western twist

More times than not you will see me wearing a style of boot, but most of mine haven't lasted longer than a couple of years. My dad had to throw away my last pair of lace-up boots when I wasn't looking.

"They were falling apart, Hannah," he said as I realized my soul-mates had been tossed. It's true, I had worn them to pieces. The pleather was peeling off the heels. As they may have been fashionable, they weren't durable enough to keep up with all of my shannigans.

Then, my dad stated firmly, "You need to get a pair of Frye's."

For any shoe connoisseur, there is no comparison when it comes to the Frye boot. Hand made and constructed primarily from Italian leather, every pair from the line is guaranteed to live through the life long adventures of their owner. 

And just like the owner, no pair of Frye's is alike. Their unique craftsmanship is that of a thorough, multistep process. 

Although I am crazy about Frye boots, I must confess, I don't currently own a pair of Frye's. Shocking, I know! As much as I adore the Harness 8, one will find quite a few others just as great within The Frye Company collection. In fact, the brand has around 800 different styles to choose from. No one said finding your soul-mate was easy but in the quest for picking the perfect pair, I recommend looking specifically at The Frye Company Spring 2014 collection.

Earth-tone sandals debut in The Frye Company 2014 Spring Collection

The Frye Company Spring 2014 collection debuts a new addition to the family, a sandal wedge available in several earthy tones.

It is most important when investing in the right shoes, they can match a person's style while being durable enough to handle the spontaneous activities of every day life. While venturing through days of Sundance festivities, stomping around Coachella madness, or going out for a good time in Hollywood, a shoe from The Frye Company has proven to be the ultimate kicker.

To begin, each distressed boot goes through several stages of handling before placed in a stone-tumbling system. Once a very calculated beat-up look is achieved, they are hand worked again into a one of kind Frye shoe.

Frye boots are easy to recognize not only for their distinguished distressed look, but also their deep, yet richly saturated hues. There is a "secret recipe" to bring colors of "cognac" or "whiskey" to each boot. The distinct pallet naturally unique to The Frye Company is made from "plant colors" found in the Earth's elements such as tree bark, dirt, and tree leaves.

This beige booty is a staple in any shoe lovers collection.

Crafting boots since the 1800's, The Frye Company has generated generations of durable style for every kind of foot. Originally outfitting factory workers and U.S. Navy Admirals, the brand has evolved from a working shoe to a timeless fashion staple for both men and women.

Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking to the creative director, Michael Petry, while scoping out The Frye Company's 2014 Spring Collection at the Chateau Marmont. Petry is as confident about The Frye Company as Tyra Banks is about "Sm-eyesing".

Petry states, "Every human is different. We want people to be creative with our styles."

It makes perfect sense why a company that has been around for over 150 years would be so proud of their product. The Frye Company began production in 1863 and to this day continues to use some of the same shoe-making machines and techniques they orginally invented.

Although The Frye Company has been making boots for over a century, authenticity remains as style continues to evolve through each season. Whether dressing for Sundance Film Festival, Coachella or a day at work, The Frye Company  is bound to have a pair perfect for any two feet. 

Pick up the Erin boot for Sundance, lined with rabbit fur to keep your toes warm in Utah!

Most importantly, a trailblazer can trust that their Frye boots will endure each step marching off the beaten path.

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