The Ashley Paige Bikini Factory - Sunset's Lit in Swarovski Knit-kinis

It can be said with indisputable confidence that Ashley Paige, once and now forever termed ‘The Dauphine of France’ is the most unadulterated revolutionist in bikini design to date. Her artwork defies tradition, restructuring the face of conceptual formulations surrounding the bathing suit conventional. With a personality catapulting her knitwear bikini line to the forefront of an otherwise monotonously worn down Lycra saturated industry, Paige has successfully stolen the spotlight from just about everyone.

These suits will never go out of style - They are style.

In the latest season of wearable, water insoluble 2012 knitwear designs, the innovative inventress elevates The Ashley Paige Bikini Factory [sweet corner stashed at 7501 W Sunset Blvd] in radiant transformation as miniature 14 karat gold Swarovski crystals don a black seagull Stevie Nix titled ensemble utilizing negative and positive space with lace rose pattern and crisscross strap work. While inspirational ‘butterflies and magic gardens’ vocabulary deflects 2012’s coppertone inflected maturity, one should know that when regarding talented and couture designer Ms. Paige; this is no kiddie pool.

The Ashley Paige couture bikini blonde luminary behind Bikinis or Bust on TLC is the standalone swimwear brand for celebrities and jetsetters. Her abstract pattern motifs have graced glazed front covers of over a dozen high profile magazines including FHM, Maxim, Sports Illustrated, Vibe, and GQ with textured kinis flirting the heavy paged frames of Naomi Watts in I HEART HUCKABEES, Lindsay Lohan, Kate Moss, Paris Hilton, and Heidi Klum to name a coveted few.

Alluringly appealing to the House of Ashley is the insatiable global demanding appetite for Paige that remains famished in majority. As of yet, clientele is constrained based on couture manufacture of customized pieces and intricate numbers implementing fabrication in Viscose yarn utilized by two in-house knitting aficionadas embodying her method of draping that transforms upscale gown aesthetic into next generation’s bikini. Remuneration equates to euphoric freshly minted specification blended tikinis with matching bella Ts, sportsbeach undies, and dip suits with fitted measurements tailoring suits to articulate the body of beholder.

Ashley’s technique involves pinning media onto mannequin, subsequently inviting veteran nouveau seamstresses to meet tryst with challenge of an attempt to sew the gorgeously collaged, haphazard piece of art. The brains behind the beauty of Ashley Paige admits the result is typically a fixated aghast stare and incomprehensible “…can’t be done…,” as the visionary laughs in reply - and quickly finds someone who can. Her lines are with style and 70’s hail back aesthetics in classic rocker title digs and pop culture babes such as a maraschino cherry one piece frilled tube top aptly named ‘Mary Ann’ in honor of the bright beach wrecked beauty on Gilligan’s Island. Stunningly ad infinitum, humor permeates Ashley’s spansive 70’s retro refurnished beautifully shagged out street find décor of a store; radiating through a salubrious plum slingshot bikini as Paige plucked the item off rack and demonstrated its blissfully erratic form on herself, with a glistening eye lining conversational statement, “We like to have fun!”

The environmentarian whose sole concern need not be scheming to become #1 in the industry [she is], Paige is a devoted environmentally cognizant designer, from sourcing to manufacture, never touching leathers or fur. Her dye techniques eliminate excess runoff and patterns are embellished directly into the dress form upon knit.

Perhaps the most imperative portion of Ashley as a designer are her models strutting the runway each and every fashion show in correlation with Ashley’s Animal Adoption Boutique on Sunday’s Sunset scene with future beach frisbee champions begging to be picked up as the latest must have accessory to accompany boyshort knitwear bottoms. The avid animal rescue addict and missionary is looking to get her fix on a Ruff Houzen Animal Rescue sanctuary funded by her more creative endeavors. When asked about plans for the prophecy of Ashley Paige from the designer who can and has done it all, Paige replies, “It’s all about who is going to make me the best offer…”



Photography By Alek Sun.

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