Sunday Fall Fashion: What to Wear on a Lazy Day

We all know Sunday is the slowest day of the week. You’ve probably worked or studied all week, partied on the weekend, and now just having an easy day chilling at home, grabbing a coffee with your friends, trying out some exercise, or strolling through a market with a loved one. Getting dressed up isn’t an option; instead, you can put together a quick outfit that is effortless, but of course still looks fantastic.

Although fall is a season that is sometimes hard to dress for (icy winds one day and unexpected sunshine the next), it’s a season many love for the chance to get all cozy and comfortable in sweaters, Uggs, and beanies. Gone are the days where you can simply throw on a dress and run out the door wearing flip-flops… fall requires a bit more planning and arrangement when it comes to fashion. With that in mind, here are a few options for a lazy Sunday in fall.

Coffee and bagels with your besties

Your friends will understand if you’re not dressing like you’re part of L.A. Fashion Week, as they too will likely be taking an easy style day. But still, there could be a cute barista at your local coffee shop, so you might want to go midway on the lazy to chic scale. For a breezy fall outfit (we won’t make a comparison to the leaves falling outside), we recommend a cool girl-next-door get-up, which could be a red plaid shirt (let these celeb women inspire you) paired with black tights and white converse sneakers. It screams: "Hey, I barely tried but I still look great."

Afternoon stroll through the park or market

For this you may have to try a little bit harder. Lazy Sunday rules still apply, but if your partner (or maybe your cute barista date) has asked you for a stroll through a local park or farmer’s market, then just a touch more effort is necessary. It’s likely not bitterly cold like winter just yet, so we endorse quilted jackets along the lines of these nice options. They are snug, stylish, but won’t make you overheat: that perfect temperature that Goldilocks would approve of.

Going as far as the grocery store

We understand, you’re not interested in putting on your best ensemble, but you don’t want the store cashier or Seamless delivery person to think you’re the world’s biggest slob, so what can you do? First off, put on your ripped jeans, a plain tank top, and your favorite, largest, comfiest, warmest sweater you own. Next up, throw your hair into a messy bun, and for the pièce de résistance… UGG boots. It’s no coincidence (or maybe it is) that these rhyme with snug, as the boots are lazy Sunday personified. We love the classic Sonoma boots – white fur, brown leather, and so much comfort.

Trying out some yoga

Your friend has been bugging you for weeks about trying out a new yoga course they found, but now that you have no excuse, it seems like you’ll have to give it a go. The complete opposite to a sweaty loud gym, yoga centers can be incredibly relaxing and allow you to go at your own pace (it is Sunday after all). But before you see how flexible you really are, you’ll have to get your outfit organized first.

A sports bra and simple tank top will be suitable, as the loose fit is perfect for all the stretching you’ll attempt. For yoga pants, we think you’ve got two options: wild or sensible. If you’re feeling a little bit crazy, then neon blue tribal print pants are rapidly becoming a fun selection, as these give you a chance to show off a wacky side that you might not ordinarily show in public! Alternatively, sticking with plain black is a solid choice (black does go with everything), and is bound to make you feel slim and sexy.

Going for a hike

Finally, this is a possibility that might not feel so lazy to you, but it really depends on how serious you take it! L.A. has some gorgeous trails not too far from the action, and a light Sunday hike in fall could be your last chance for a while (you aren’t likely to do it in winter). So either by yourself to clear your mind, or shared with others, attempting either the Sycamore Canyon Trail in Whittier, the Wisdom Tree hike in Griffith Park, or the Murphy Ranch Trail in Brentwood, will all give you great vibes before Monday rolls around. Now, the outfit. You’re not going up Mt. Everest, so you won’t have to dress too heavily. However, some sturdy trainers, comfortable jeans, and gray hoodie matched with a leather jacket, will easily complete your ‘city slicker giving hiking a go’ look.

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