Suiting Up for 2015

Each new season in fashion brings unexpected surprises to the eyes of eager trendsetters. People watching the runway as the year draws to a close will be delighted to find some old fashion concepts that have been brought back to life with a completely fresh vision. This year, warmth and comfort are sacrificed in no way for style. The designs are both classic and inspired by modern life, making expanding one's closet quite the adventure as 2015 comes into focus.

Gucci has really pushed the bounds of their collection by drawing upon the patterns and culture that thrived during the middle of the sixties. Models hit the runway in patchwork vests that included everything from see-through fabrics with paisley-inspired designs to furs. The pieces were elegantly incorporated in outfits that made use of flowing skirts and retro-fitted heels of solid, bold colors. Valentino surprised and delighted audiences with fitted dresses that featured flairs at multiple levels. Unlike the flat and dark colors that one might expect to find during colder months, the outfits made use of bold color and understated patterns that had a distinct, South American influence. In accordance with this collection, see-through elements are still a hot item. The models made use of multiple layers to offset the number of brilliant ideas that were being expressed on the lower half of the more flamboyant dresses.

Alberta Ferretti has taken a different approach than the majority of designers for the upcoming season. Rather than intriguing the eyes with color and pattern, this designer has placed the emphasis on texture and materials. The colors are primarily neutral while being similar in shade. However, there are a wealth of layers, a substantial amount of tassels, and intriguing lines that draw you in and keep you captivated. There are similarities to other pieces on the runway in that long and flowing fabric is still a priority. This designer offered a number of designs that drew on the traditional parka in addition to long and flowing gowns that featured heavier material.

This year is also seeing some very stark contrast to the designs that drew inspiration from the era of love. There are plenty of designers who are making a utilitarian sensibility and ruggedness the focus of their pieces. Marc Jacobs and other designers were making bold moves by producing lengthy overcoats that were constructed using everything from fatigues to parachute material. Rodarte and designers from around the globe are producing clothing that is heavy on pockets and attitude as well. However, the heaviness of the designs are balanced by lighter elements that include fishnet material and pastel-colored fabrics. Well-known designers such as Rag and Bone and Sacai embraced the edgy style by sticking primarily to earth tones that were focused on browns and greens.
Marc Jacobs
Alterior Motif has unique offerings for the new season that also present unexpected combinations of altered fabrics and classic styles. They have updated the traditional jean jacket with additions of texture and embroidery. The pullover has also experienced a dramatic shift with the addition of lush and interwoven fabrics that drape the garment and extend up the forearm. This dramatic element is in balance with subtle patterns that make use of a gray palette. There are plenty of dresses and pant combinations that brilliantly combine with the above pieces. Bold line and unique pant fits from Alterior Motif create an alluring contour down the length of the body. Traditional materials are used to create whimsical patterns that extend the length of the garment. The pieces are snug on the base of the body in order to add emphasis to the figure and any shoe combination that can make the outfit really shine.
  Alterior Motif
Tackling the need for coats and jackets when the weather turns nasty, leather is making a huge appearance. However, black hides and flat-black, faux materials were virtually nowhere to be found. Instead, people were embracing light browns. Designers such as Louis Vuitton followed suit with the idea of patchwork pieces. One jacket that this designer put on the runway featured interconnecting rectangles in a stunning design that made use of rich and deep color. The heavier layers continued with thick materials from Prada. Their winter pieces drew inspiration from traditional styles for overcoats. They pushed the modern envelop of their designs by incorporating bands of nontraditional materials around the sleeves and cuffs.

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