SJP Review - Sarah Jessica Parker Launches New Shoe Line in the City... Better Than Sex?

SJP – will that logo be instantly recognizable?  It should be to those women who watched Sex in the City.  Sarah Jessica Parker has finally launched her own line of shoes!  What took her so long? When you think Carrie Bradshaw you think shoes.  I will go so far to say that Carrie Bradshaw and Sex and the City are solely (pun intended) responsible for the shoe craze of today.

Carrie made Manolo Blahnik, Christian Dior and Jimmy Choo household names. Owning designer shoes was a must for Carrie and seemed to go far beyond the show.  For those of us who watched religiously, keeping tabs on what style and brand Carrie was rockin’ in her day to day was all part of the fun and think it definitely raised the bar for the class and size of our own shoe collections.

SJP shoes pop in this fabulous color

So am I surprised that Sarah Jessica Parker finally launched a line of shoes (and bags too by the way)?  Not at all!

After seeing the line of shoes in recent magazines, I believe Sarah Jessica waited until the Carrie days were far behind her for good reason.  SJP shoes are a bit more refined, wearable and most importantly AFFORDABLE!  And want to hear something sweet?  All the shoes have grosgrain trim or accents, which is an homage to her mother who made her wear a grosgrain ribbon in her hair everyday.  I know countless women who liked and admired Carrie, and I just know they feel the same way about Sarah Jessica. 


Sarah Jessica Parker was interviewed for an article in the February issue of InStyle Magazine.  In that interview she was asked if she always loved shoes and she admitted that she did always love shoes but she didn’t have a lot of them.  She would receive two pairs a year.  Sarah loved to go to the shoe store and look at all the shoes but her mother was the one who would choose the shoes – not Sarah.  She was also asked if she loved shoes as much as Carrie.  Her answer is a resounding NO. Carrie would rather have shoes than furniture or food – SJP would prefer a good meal or travel.

So whether you are a Carrie or a Sarah, SJP shoes have a place in any woman’s closet, and I can’t wait to add a few pairs to mine! You can find SJP shoes online and in select Nordstrom stores February 28th.

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