Ryka Campaign Shoot Spring 2014 - A Woman's Only Sport Company!

Ladies, if you are looking for a sportswear company that caters to your body comfortably then I’d recommend Ryka—“A Woman Only Sport Company.” I had the chance to visit Ryka’s 2014 Spring Footwear campaign photo shoot at the top of The Griffith Helipad in Los Angeles last week. Speaking with a few of Ryka’s representatives I learned some fascinating things about Ryka’s new line.



For over 25 years, Ryka has been creating athletic footwear exclusively for women with the newest, latest technology in the field. Geared from the shape of a woman’s foot to the angle of her stride, Ryka understands that women require more than just a downsized version of a men’s athletic shoe.



Ryka knows that a woman’s foot shape, muscle movement, and skeletal structure are all inherently different from a mans. The “Q-angle” (quadricep angle)—the anatomical relationship between the hip and knee—measures 5-7 degrees greater for women than men. As a result, women tend to shift more weight to the outside of their feet which leads to over-pronation, instability at foot strike, and higher risk of injury.



Ryka’s design philosophy integrates all of their technologies into one of the most researched, women-specific lasts in the industry. A complete footwear solution that fits the shape of a woman’s foot perfectly—with a narrower heel, roomier forefoot, increased instep volume, and more secure footbed. The result is a high-performance, athletic shoe engineered to address the unique biomechanics of active women for unsurpassed fit, comfort, cushioning and control. 



The Ryka technology includes:


RE-ZORB®-- A proprietary foam compound engineered for exceptional cushioning and comfort. Provides impact protection and shock absorption.



N-Gage EVA— High rebound midsole material that provides cushioning on impact and has more shape retention than traditional EVA compounds.

I.H.G.— “Injected Heel Guidance” is a thermo molded heel reinforcement that is used to help keep the calcaneus (heel) on the platform during lateral movements.



SGS—“Skeletal Guidance Shank” is a lightweight injection-molded arch support under the arch and the mid-foot.

Precise-Return™ Sockliner – A removable insole that is designed to hug the internal walls of the shoe. The injection molded EVA and PU blend adds comfort and protection while retaining its shape to ensure a consistent fit.



Ortholite® Footbed—A molded, highly engineered comfort footbed that provides maximum ventilation, wicks moisture, is tear proof, has antimicrobial built in the foam compound and is hand washable.

DM (Nitracel Dampening Material) –The most advanced cushioning technology uses a flexible nitracel foam compound to deliver high-level shock absorption, typically located in the heel and forefoot areas, where women need it most.



Anti-Slip/Skid Resistant— A Traction pattern outsoles flush material from underneath the foot to provide stability and protection from slippery surfaces.



Ryka’s footwear is designed for a woman’s shape and comfort. Being able to watch the Ryka footwear models in action during their photo shoot, you could see how much they loved their Ryka’s. I will be getting a pair of shoes soon and can’t wait to wear my Ryka’s!


To find your favorite pair of Ryka’s, please visit Ryka online! 

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