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From “Up All Night” to work all day, Rhonda Shear didn’t just try to come up with something new, she completely reinvented herself. Rhonda went from entertainer and transformed herself into a fashion mogul that not only has her own brand that has taking the world by storm from inception, but now she is working with others to do the same for their own brand.

2003 was the birth of Rhonda Shear Intimates as Rhonda teamed up with husband Van Fagan to create a line that was the perfect for the Home Shopping Network, and the rest is history. This was truly one of those stories where the stars all aligned and things just fell into place for the couple.

Rhonda at Oscar Week

"My husband and I were newlyweds after becoming high school sweethearts reunited. At the time we were just looking to make a good living and be happy, we were starting new in life and said let’s take a shot and do something interesting and we fell in love with it, but it was definitely surprising to us," Rhonda said.

The trio of Rhonda, Vic and HSN certainly was like catching lightning in a bottle as the television platform not only made Rhonda Shear Intimates a household name, but it also forced Rhonda to keep growing. HSN was always looking for the next success and Rhonda was always working to come up with the latest and greatest new product and her work ethic to that can be seen in the fact that she currently has 5,000 products in her line.

“It's been an interesting business, we've certainly watched it grow with all the multi-platforms, television, tablets and phones that is where the biggest change is, now people are shopping remotely,” Rhonda said. “A few brands were developed for shopping television like myself. We were born on shopping television, now a lot of brands are in retail and now also sell on HSN, it just brings more sales to their brand.”

You probably aren’t going to find a product that had as much success as the Ahh Bra. Over 30 million sold in over 30 countries, Rhonda created the bra that was made for every woman and her success she explained was due to finding the right timing and bringing to market a new sort of bra that caught everyone’s attention.

Early in 2013 a match made in heaven came together when Crystal Hefner approached Rhonda about working together to create a unique line of lounge and sleepwear. In fall of 2013 the duo put together a preview collection that was featured in Fashion Week Tampa Bay. The full launch took place in late 2014 bringing the Crystal Hefner collection to the world. The Crystal line is a mix of light and luxurious fabrics artfully tailored into figure flattering fashions.

Slacker Wear

Having created almost everything imaginable for women, the next obvious step for Rhonda was the male market. Rhonda recently teamed up with Kato Kaelin to produce The Slacker collection and partnered with famed pitchman Anthony Sullivan for the Svelte by Sully line. The Slacker Collection does exactly what it sounds like it should, it allows you relax in complete comfort in your home and it does it in a stylish manner. The Slacker lineup includes; hoodie robes, lounge pants, and shorts that are all created with amazingly comfy-soft fabrics. This affordable line is perfect for Father's Day, birthdays or anniversaries. For those of you who are not in that perfect shape anymore and still want to look good, welcome to the world of Svelte by Sully. For years women have been keeping the secret from men that undergarments can trim you up, hide those unwanted bulges and also improve your posture. Svelte was made for men and comes in Crew neck; V Neck and tank shirts that go under your everyday clothing and you will immediately notice the difference, as will everyone else. These tag less shirts will also keep you cool while the targeted compression makes those love handles and beer belly disappear. The Svelte is sure to become a mainstay in every man's wardrobe.


While working with other people to help bring their products to market, Rhonda still is always creating when it comes to her own line. The latest is her line of couture dresses that you are likely to already notice on the red carpet of numerous Hollywood events.

”Something that we are doing that is a fun love of mine is couture dresses, we are sending them off to Hollywood for red carpets, it’s a smaller niche business that we will custom design, I don't think 14 years ago we realized we would be this big and would have branched out in so many areas so it really is exciting,” Rhonda said.

While the fashion and apparel industry have become the focal point of Rhonda, a highly awarded business woman, she still has that entertainer in her. With a long list of credits to her name to go along with being the longtime host of “Up All Night,” Rhonda is going to be featured on the E Network on an episode of an upcoming reality show.

There is still a piece of me that loves my showbiz side I have an episode of a new reality show called "New Money" I don't miss it, but if I get offered something fun I’m always open to it and I still do a little stand-up comedy here and there, you are always a performer,” Rhonda said.

You can tell that Rhonda never rests on her laurels. Whether it is adding to her own line, helping others find their own niche in the fashion industry, her philanthropy work or always looking for that next opportunity in the entertainment world, Rhonda is always up for something new.

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