Paris Winter Fashion Collection – Hottest Styles In The City Of Lights!

When Parisian women hit the wintery streets, in Paris, it is filled with a contemporary elegance marked with an endless assortment of high fashion boots. The princess shoes that were a trademark of the summer in the ‘City of Lights’ becomes a forgotten friend as the ankle, mid-high, knee and even thigh-high boots are permanent accessories for everyday wear.

Boots galore

Switching off to a pair of sneakers during the work commute is a taboo in Parisian culture. You will definitely not witness a pair of Nike’s, Addidas or any athletic wear worn by Parisian women during the hustle and bustle of interspersing between home to work.

The equivalent of the ‘little black dress’ that is a must have for any American women’s wardrobe is traded for ‘black rider boots’ for Parisian women.  Regardless if the boots are accented with a brown top strip, adorned with shiny silver buckles or spikes, or even simply plain black - the black rider boot is essential!

Ankle boots are heavily embraced as well, especially the slouched suede ankle boot, which saturates the city in all shades and hues! Wedges and classic heels are equally numerous. Les Galeries Lafayette, in Paris, is the block-buster showcase for the latest shoes, from the style and grace of Jimmy Choo shoes to designer Uggs boots, this is a haven for shoe connoisseurs!

Les Galeries Lafayette is a haven for shoe connoisseurs!

Skinny jeans are the perfect choice for accentuating the Parisian footwear in style! The sapphire blue skinny jeans that were extremely popular in the summer have been replaced with darker tone colors of black and grey. However, the skinny jeans still have tough competition with the multi-colored pantyhose that are worn regardless of how cold it gets! The specialty pantyhose and tight stores is a Parisian women’s treasure chest. These shops offer hundreds of colors, patterns, and textures to adorn your legs. An oversized sweater, black diamond-pattern pantyhose, and a pair of grey suede slouch ankle boots or brown rider boots and your styling like a Parisian!

Tights can add pizazz to any outfit

Desigual designer coats blend multi-color retro-designs on wool pea coats were unveiled this winter. These seemingly one of a kind designs adds fun and vibrancy to winter ware that is distinctly Parisian.

Desigual new winter coat collection

Black, brown, tan and the occasional white down feather coat have a dual life in Paris. The chicness of the down feather coat has a clearly defined feminine look as the oversize belt and form-fitting design accentuates the female physique, that typically has an oversized hood which in combination with the ‘black rider boots’ is Parisian all the way! Parisian chic interlaced with practicality.

Another essential winter apparel is the ‘oversized scarf’ that not only helps protect against the frigid temperatures but also brings an edgy splash of vibrant color and texture to the winter ensemble. All colors are welcomed from pastel blues to fiery reds and there is no scarf that is too big! 

Oversized scarfs are another essential Parisian winter apparel

Finally, the rainbow of winter berets, oversized knitted hats topped with fury balls or black mink hats are seen throughout Paris. The winter outfit is not complete without a signature hat!

Paris chic


Les Galeries Lafaytte: 48 Boulevard Haussmann, Paris, France, 75009,





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