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Odina Swimwear - Eco-Friendly Swimwear at its Finest

By Meagan Sargent

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Odina Swimwear! Courtesy Photo


Adhering to a 'green state of mind' Odina Swimwear incorporates all things that are of importance to Southern Californians and that is swim wear that is Eco-friendly. Odina is a clothing company that focuses on making fashionable and functional swimsuits that are also friendly to the environment. The Odina lifestyle is at one with the earth, the ocean and the future by striving to be 100% Eco-conscious with out hindering performance or compromising fashion. The Odina Swimwear line delivers beautiful and divine creations through recycled plastic fabrics and reclaimed fabrics.

Boho Braid by Odina Swimwear! Courtesy Photo

The idea began a few years ago when a designer of swimwear for many years, came together with a young Eco-enthusiast. Together they created a mission and that mission was to make swimsuits that not only complimented a woman’s figure but also her passions. They worked with surfers to get feed back on fit and function; with women that are exploring the world, surfing jaw-dropping waves and helping the planet that they love, to test their product. Through the process the Odina team tested a number of sustainable fabrics and a variety of recycled fibers before finding one that met their demands. Through trials and tribulations and incorporating customer feedback, the team developed the perfect mix and in essence created Odina Swimwear.

Odina Cove Girl! Courtesy Photo

Odina Swimwear comes in a wide variety of sizes, style, and colors for every shape. Each style is cut differently to accentuate your body while enjoying the waves. In the Curl-which is a Brazilian style bottom with banded sides and T-strap top. The Cove Girl-which is their signature suit with a slightly more modern cut. The Coral Connection Swimsuit offers a flirtatious twist to your average bikini. With braided side straps and a high cut waist, The Coral Connection Swimsuit will have everyone turning heads.The Little Dume Swimsuit bottom is similar to a regular bikini but offers a small flap that lays over the bikini, which gives it a more enticing look. The Long Boarder offers a cute boy short style with no seems on the sides to give a smooth look and feel. Sporty but very sexy. The Solana Swimsuit brings together the tie side with the Brazilian cut. A single tie side to leave less of a tan line, as well as ruching all the way down back to give shape to your features, which is a favorite amongst Southern California natives. The Wave Catcher Swimsuit is a booty short style that offers a great feel and comfort for the active girl. Odina has put thought into every aspect of production. From the thread to the tags, every step involves rethinking the standard practices of the fashion business.  All suits are manufactured in the United States. For every mind, body, and soul- Odina 'Eco-Friendly' Swimsuits has the perfect swimsuit to suit your lifestyle.

In the Curl Swimsuit by Odina Swimwear! Courtesy Photo


For more information on Odina Swimwear please visit: www.odinasurf.com


Published on Nov 27, 2012

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