Mother’s Day Top 5 Gifts and Celebs & Their Moms

Mom always wants what’s best for you, so why not get the best for Mom?  Finding that absolute perfect gift this year to present to your mother on Mother’s Day is important for many of us who want to convey their love and appreciation with the perfect present is always a challenge.  There are many great gift ideas out there for mothers and /or grandmothers to help you say “You’re the best!” and “Thanks for putting up with me.”

Here are Marina BerBeryan's, Celebrity Fashion Stylist & Style Expert, Top 5 Choices for Mother’s Day gifts you may want to consider.

Bouquet of Flowers: Mothers Day has been celebrated with flowers since the tradition of pinning carnation on mothers in the Methodist church started in 1908.   If you’re on a budget, then you may want to consider buying her a beautiful bouquet of fragrance flowers with an “I Love You” note, either from a local florist or online .  One of my favorite online florist is FTD at, they have reasonable prices starting at $19.99.

 Dining Out: According to the research conducted by the National Restaurant Association over the last two decades, Mother’s Day remains the most popular holiday to dine out.  So, many mothers like to go out for dinner on their special day.  Getting a break from the chore of cooking at home is the most popular reason.  Mother’s Day is a fantastic time to enjoy good food and some family quality time.  Note: Many restaurants offer special promotions and deals for moms and their families.

 Relaxation Packagesare always a great idea for a Mother’s Day present.  Indulge your mother this year with a gift to a decadent afternoon of pampering and relaxation at a spa for a full body, massage, facial, or even an image / beauty makeover.  My favorite spa is called Valentina MedSpa and it is one of the most premiere MedSpas in Hollywood, CA.  In fact, they have very good promotional offers for Mother’s Day - Your mother will definitely appreciate being made to feel special and it’s a great way to thank her for all of her hard work throughout the years. If the relaxation packages are not affordable for you, you can also create your own little Spa Package by filling a decorative basket with soaps, perfumes, body lotions, creams, chocolate and so forth and tying a pretty ribbon in her favorite color into a cute bow.

Perfume -Elegant and refreshed! Isn’t this how mothers should feel on Mother’s Day? With springtime and summer around the corner you can let Mom feel like she spent a day at the spa.  Here are some of the fragrance that I recommend for:

·         Hip Mom – Gucci Flora Eau Fraiche  Eau De Toilette

·         Sexy Mom – Versace Vanitas Eu De Parfum

·        Career Driven Mom – Banana Republic Wildbloom Eau De Parfum

·        Conservative Mom – Burberry Classic

·        Cosmopolitan Mom- Narciso Rodriguez Essence Eau De Musc Eau De Toillette 


Jewelry – Tiffany & Co.  Does your mom deserve the best of the best? Of course she does!  Surprise her with a little blue box from Tiffany & Co. Besides, it’s more affordable than you might think. In fact, they have super cute pearl earrings with sterling for $150 plus free shipping 

Celebs & Their Moms

Celebs & Their Mom

From left to Right: Lady Gaga & her mom  Cynthia Germanotta; Melissa & Joan Rivers; Halle Barryand her mom Judith Hawkins; Rihanna and her mom Monica; Kate Middleton & her mother Carol; Catherine Zeta- Jones and her mom Pat; Ellen DeGeneres and her mom Betty; Taylor Swift with her mom Andrea;  Beyonce Knowles and her mom Tina; Gwyneth Paltrow and her mom, Blythe Danner; Miley Cyrus & her mother Leticia; Cher and her mother Georgia Holt; Kim Kardashian & her mom Kris Jenner; Maria Shiver & her mother Eunice Kennedy; Michelle Obama and mother Marian; Selena Gomes and her mom Mandy; 


Marina's 5 Generations of Fashionistas

Marina BerBeryan's 5 generation of Fashionistas

Top left Marina's great-grandmother Katarina; top left Marina's grandmother Araxia; top center Marina's mother Valentina; Marina and her two little girls Katrina & Isabella.

Question: What is appropriate Mother’s Day Brunch attire for a woman in her 30’s, 40’s, 50’s & 60’s?

Marina BerBeryan I have to say it depends, if it’s a casual or upscale Mother’s Day Brunch. Whether you are taking your mother out to brunch or someone is taking you out, follow my styling tips to look great and comfortable on Mother’s Day.

For a Casual Brunch:  Dress comfortably without looking sloppy if you’re headed to a casual restaurant.  I suggest a maxi dress with bold jewelry and stack of bangles with flat sandal to a casual restaurant. You may want to get a light cardigan with you.  Another casual look that I’d suggest would be a cute tee paired with capris.  A pair of adorbs wedge espadrilles and earrings will definitely complete your look.

For an Upscale brunch: If you have reservations at an upscale country club or restaurant, I recommend you wear a ruffled top with a pencil skirt, think belt and thin high heels. Pair it with a lady like clutch and add pearls or a vintage jewelry.  Another fantastic option, would be a knee length dress in white, pink, turquoise or one of the hot spring shades. For accessories you may add a cute scarf and/or put up your hair with a cute hair pin.


Question: How can women still be stylish and be a mom too without mimicking her teenagers wardrobe?

 Marina BerBeryan: There are many moms who mimic once in a while their teenager’s wardrobe, even celebrities do. For instance, Demi Moore walked the red carpet in twin tan outfit with her 17 year old daughter Tallulah.  Dina Lohan and her daughters Lindsay and Ali always look like they’re in a girl group with their seemingly coordinated ensembles! Even, fashion icon, Madonna at age of 53 mimics her teenager’s look, Lourdes 15, despite the 38 years gap.

 I personally think that there is nothing wrong with being young at heart, and/ or if moms look to teens for fashion inspiration and validation. Mothers aren’t dressing like their daughters to look like teenagers, as a matter of fact women feel younger so, they project that personality through their clothing.  Besides, today, we live in a society that one of the main values is to look younger.

 Mothers can dress appropriately to benefit their age.  Women can look fabulous and feel younger without dressing like a teenager.  To achieve this look, I suggest skipping junior’s department’s low-rise jeans and try finding a pair of nice midrise boot-cut jeans and I don’t mean “mom jeans”.  Also, a pencil skirt with a V- neck shirt, or a dress with cinched-in waist are all staple pieces to a sophisticated wardrobe that showcases maturity and femininity at the same time. Additionaly, some important factors to looking younger are taking care of your face (regularly having facials, using night and day creams, masks & etc…); having the right hair color and the right hair cut; maintaining your figure /working out; eating healthy and just being happy!

                              Happy Mother’s day to all the Mommas!


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