Miz Mooz Shoe Review-Your Sundae Best

Never a fan of hard gray snow or over-aggressive wind chills, it is needless to say that I am in full anticipation of spring and all she has to offer.  I associate seasons with clothes, and tolerated winter only because he meant over the top thigh high boots, mink mittens, and heavy wool capes.  Now I am tired of shaking in my boots, and would much rather the breezy fabrics of a sundress and the opportunity to let my little piggies breathe in a well stacked wedge sandal.  The trend for spring is yummy and refreshing; kind of like the feeling you get after visiting your favorite ice cream shop.  Cool, smooth shades of vanilla white, shocking mint and pistachio greens, tangerines, laser neon lemons, cotton candy blues, and hard candy pinks are the flavors of spring.  Just like we all have our favorite ice cream shops, we also have our favorite shoe oasis where we stock up on the season’s necessities.  Per a dear friend’s suggestion, I opted for something new and tried Miz Mooz shoes. 

Miz Mooz shoes in all different flavors

Although Miz Mooz sounds like an ice cream parlor, and all of her shoes are so yummy and adorable they could be sundae toppings; it just so happens to be a playful, eclectic, and quirky brand of shoes.  Once a private brand only available to select boutiques in New York and San Francisco, in the last eleven years Miz Mooz has been slowly sprinkling her stylish influence over the U.S., Canada, and parts of Europe.  Miz Mooz combines, timeless style, current fashion trends, a vintage soul, and a comfortable silhouette, and girls around the world could not have asked for a better shoe unless they personally knew a shoe genie. Miz Mooz is based in New York, and her design uses vintage New York as inspiration.  Her boots are inspired by New York circa early 20th century and her fun spring wedges and sandals are inspired by the funky 70’s.  Miz Mooz shoes are always updated with modern twists like cut-outs, stacked heels, and delicious candy colors which set Miz Mooz shoes and her customers apart from any others.  

suede sorbet

A caveat to the fashion meek; Miz Mooz shoes may feel practical, but they look anything but!  An obsession with unique architecture, details, and fabrics is apparent at first glance of any of Miz Mooz shoes.   Her shoes are quite on trend with the season with delicious red, green, blue, and sorbet orange varieties.  Most of Miz Mooz shoes are flats, low heels, or wedges, providing a feminine shape that is both attractive and comfortable, a combination that was not previously associated with women’s shoes. 

laser lemon, yum yum deelish!

With shoes named Darla, Pax, Fonda, Emma, and Tamara, who wouldn’t want to have best friends like these? I couldn’t resist taking Tamara home; she is a gorgeous thing with a sturdy wedge, a vintage peep toe, and a charismatic cut out pattern on the front and sides.  The Tamara came in black, cognac, navy, and green, and I simply had to have those green ones!  I haven’t yet walked a mile in these shoes, but after wearing them for a day straight since I brought them home, I believe I could!  They are so comfortable, which was unexpected because I always thought a platform is what distributed the body weight and made a heel more comfortable, and this shoe did not have one.  I may be speaking for myself here, but the most uncomfortable part about wearing heels is the extra pressure on the ball of the foot that has my feet absolutely aching by the end of the first hour in them.  I tried on a few pair of Miz Mooz shoes before choosing the Tamaras, and can honestly say that Miz Mooz’s shoes have some magical quality in them that eliminates that pain and pressure in the ball of the foot, and makes walking and standing in them actually quite nice.  When I love something I become a little attached and I am not ashamed to say that I have my Tamaras on right now as I speak and you read.  When you can almost forget you have heels on, let me tell you that is a good shoe!

my very own Tamaras!!

Spring is soon going to push winter out of the way, and the best way to approach this fresh new season, is with a pair of fresh new shoez. Any flavor of Miz Mooz shoes would be the perfect anecdote to the winter ‘blahs’, and can be purchased on their website or at many other reputable retailers like Nordstrom and Piperlime.com; for the most accurate information visit: http://miz-mooz.com/blog/store-locator/ to find the retailer nearest you. Warm weather may not grace your geographic location anytime soon, but Miz Mooz shoes, sandals, heels, and wedges look just as edible worn with socks and tights.   The addition of these underestimated accessories makes it easier for the shoe to transition through each season, and stylishly ensures that you will not have to part with them for any reason or season for that matter.  With all the flavor and none of the guilt, I recommend at least one serving of Miz Mooz and guarantee you will soon after be quite hooked.


adding socks means never having to say goodbye to my wedges!


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