Marissa Webb and Jordana Warmflash - Two Up and Coming Fierce Female Designers Showing at Fall 2013 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

Marissa Webb and Jordana Warmflash aren’t novices to the world of high fashion. Both have held successful careers with big names and also have launched their own lines in the last few years. They have definitely generated buzz and achieved success in the eyes of the fashionista – and we believe that they are set to raise the standards even higher in 2013. Before they both show at New York Fashion Week next month, we wanted to highlight these fearless females and their journey to Lincoln Center.


“The MARISSA WEBB woman is confident, unique, and, most importantly, has a strong sense of her own personal style.” - Marissa Webb. PHOTO CREDIT:


After working as Head of Womenswear and Accessories Design at J. Crew for over a decade, Webb debuted her personal collection at the Spring 2013 Mercedez Benz New York Fashion Week last year. The Korean-born designer grew up a tomboy and captures her personality, along with her sophisticated yet masculine laced style, in her designs.


"Jordana has long been devoted to constructing the perfect dress. Her garments are timeless, impeccably detailed and untouched by trend." - NovisNYC. PHOTO CREDIT:


Like her contemporary, Jordana Warmflash has a solid track record when it comes to couture and has helped the likes of Peter Som, Zac Posen, and Alice + Olivia, to name a few. Also like Webb’s, Warmflash’s solo project Novis is relatively new to New York Fashion Week. It also started unintentionally – she couldn’t find anything to wear for an event she was attending because of the lack of quality and choice, so she decided to make her own dress. The dress received so many compliments and she felt so great about it that she decided to make dresses for every event then on. The compliments continued and fellow women kept inquiring; and so Novis was born.


Warmflash’s label pulls from her affinity for cocktail dresses and understands how to deliver flirty, sophisticated and comfortable design that every woman wants. She understands the value of quality and will do anything to achieve that quality (hell, she made her own dresses she was so turned-off!).


While aesthetically both designers’ lines & brands seem completely different, they embrace the same philosophy and are meant for the woman – the one who is playful, unique yet confident, and has sense of self. In fact these qualities are evident in the two talented designers themselves. It is clear that both Webb and Warmflash are innovative, rarely cease to give up, and are true entrepreneurs motivated to solve problems and create the best.

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