Marina’s Celebrity Hair Inspiration Gallery: Ombré Hair Craze

As the seasons change, so are the hair color trends; ranging from the subtle to dramatic.  Trends in hairstyling and dying have become increasingly more daring and bold with each passing month.  “Ombré Hair Craze” is definitely one of the hottest trends of the past year. So it makes sense to name this hair trend "Ombré Hair", as it's a gradient of hair color. 

Ombré is a french word and it means "shadow" or "shade".  When referring to clothing, hair, etc, it simply implies "gradient, a graduation of a color from light to dark or vice-versa.

This trend has been around for years and continues to becoming more prominent trend thanks to celebrities like Kate Beckinsale, Drew Berrymore, Ciara, Beyonce and more who’ve donned the two toned lock look.

As for Fall 2012 and Winter 2012 Ombré hair color is taking a new direction and definitely celebrity’s favorite hair color trend that they cannot get enough.  This fall “The New Ombré” hair color trend will be more dramatic dark-to-light transition more of a velvety look and with a super-subtle transition in color, similar to Megan Fox’s hair. Most popular look out of all of them, I must say is Drew Barrymore’s; The two-toned brown and blonde is a sexy combination of brunette atop and light blonde tresses in the bottom.  This will remain, quite popular among the younger generation of celebrities.

And lastly, pastel hair or colorful hair is also another explosion of colors which is a feast for the eyes! 


I've been wanting a change with my hair for a while now, and after procrastinating for weeks, I decided to finally go with "Ombré Hair" for LA Fashion Week. My amazing hair stylist --Vahe from Lavish Beauty Lounge, Glendale, CA, was able to obtain the "Ombré" hair color and here's how my hair turned out.


Marina BerBeryan

The hair color ideas of 2012 and 2013 are really amped up a notch on the creativity level. So, before you go and get to dyeing your hair, check out the gallery of “Marina’s Celebrity Ombré Hair Craze” for inspiration and see which celebrity rocks the red carpet in the “Ombré Hair Craze” Trend.


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