Make Your Own Socks And Stay Warm This Winter

One annoying problem that comes with the winter season is consistently having cold toes and feet, whether you’re walking around outside or trying to get comfortable indoors. A solution to keeping your feet warm during the winter season is to get out your crafting supplies and to make yourself some thick socks. 


Women typically suffer from cold feet and toes, especially during the winter months, because of their circulatory systems. According to experts, women’s circulatory systems are different than men’s systems, which is why they complain more about cold feet and hands. Women’s circulatory systems are more sensitive, so that when the temperature dips their blood vessels constrict quickly. When this happens, the body will try to protect vital organs like the heart first, so extremities like hands and feet will lose warmth. 


To solve your issue of cold feet, get out your crafting supplies to start working on at least one pair of thick socks. Make sure that the fiber type of the yarn is wool, instead of cotton — wool moves moisture away from your skin much better than cotton and is an excellent fabric for thermal insulation. If you don’t already have the yarn available, or even the supplies to knit, the website Yarnspirations will have everything you need for this project and more. If you are ready to make your own winter socks, the website will have a supply of different wool yarns, including ones that are extremely soft for sensitive skin and ones that are machine washable for additional convenience.


Before you get started on your pair of socks, consider what you want them to accomplish: if they are for outdoor winter activities, if they are for wearing in bed or if they are for relaxing inside the house during the day. For outdoor activities, make a tightly-knit wool sock that can fit a thinner sock underneath — this is a tip recommended by experienced hikers, who wear a pair thin polyprolene socks under a pair warm wool socks to keep their feet dry and warm in the snow. Wool socks for outdoors should not be too thick, because they also need to fit easily inside of your winter boots. When you make socks for sleeping, you want them to be comfortable and loose, in case you get overheated and want to remove them in the middle of the night. When it comes to indoor socks, you can make them as thick as you like, because they don’t need to be designed to fit inside a pair of shoes or boots.


Whether you are taking a walk through a snowy trail or trying to stay cozy indoors, having cold feet can be a nagging source of discomfort. For a wonderful solution to help your cold toes and feet, you can put your cotton socks back in the drawer and knit yourself thick wool socks. A homemade pair of wool socks will make your feet feel warm and comfortable, whether you are taking a hike in the great outdoors or curling up on the couch at home. 

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