Luxury Jones LA Fashion Week Review - Just for Fun

Young, WILD and Free would best describe the charismatic “It girl” that wears Luxury Jones. In order to understand the brand, one must understand the creative mind behind Luxury Jones. Niki Dimitras is a young designer with a passion for tattoos, hip-hop and the daily hustle.  Known for one of a kind boots and glitzy designs, Dimitras started her company in 2009 and has expanded to several stores and most recently Urban Outfitters.

Founder Niki Dimitras

On October 11th the latest collection from Luxury Jones commenced the start of LA fashion Week. Extravagant chandeliers hung over polished rose wood floors, while popular rap music played throughout the intimate venue.

The Venue

Trendy Front Row Fashion

An eclectic room of guests sat eagerly, while happily indulging in fortune cookies that previously adorned their seats. Without caution, a model appeared with the crescendo of the music and immediately heightened the energy of the crowd.

Casually Glam

The signature Luxury Jones boot immediately captivate the eye, Dimitras pairs vintage belts, fabrics and other accoutrements collected over 10 years to each pair. Despite whether the model is wearing a body hugging dress or distressed jeans, the boots somehow cohesively come together to create a look that is sassy and edgy.

Fringe Shirt with Embellished Boots

Glam Sequined Shawls

High-waist Hot Pants

The latest collection features intricately crafted sequined tops, body hugging dresses with knee length fringe, printed hot pants, jumpsuits and other uniquely crafted garments.

Vivid Color

Luxury Jones is sure to appear on women with a knack for style, rebellion and all things glamour. Dimitras makes only one request, Luxury Jones should be worn…Just for Fun.

Intricate Dress Details


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