Luxury Fashion Label Shahida Parides Review - Launches Heart2Heart Brand Ambassadorship Program with Celebrity Fashion Influencer, Simonetta Lein

Simonetta Lein, Brand Ambassador of Heart2Heart by Shahida Parides. Photo: Vikrant Tunious


Women’s luxury fashion label Shahida Parides recently launched Heart2Heart, a new charity brand affiliate and ambassadorship program, with famed Italian author, fashion influencer, philanthropist, and journalist Simonetta Lein. Released just in time for Valentine’s Day, the Heart2Heart campaign allows the chosen brand ambassador to curate a capsule collection from the Shahida Parides line, in an exclusive Heart2Heart print, and the brand will donate 30% of all sales of those select items, from the Shahida Parides website, to the affiliate’s charity of choice.  I have profiled both Shahida Clayton of Shahida Parides and Simonetta Lein separately on Splash, and I was so happy to see these two exceptional women come together to raise money and awareness for charity.


Shahida Clayton, CEO and Designer of Shahida Parides. Photo courtesy of: Shahida Parides



Simonetta Lein wearing her Heart2Heart capsule collection. Photo: Vikrant Tunious


Simonetta has chosen The Wishwall Foundation as the beneficiary of her Heart2Heart campaign, which makes perfect sense as Simonetta is both the foundation’s founder and global ambassador.  The Wishwall Foundation website is a 501(C)3 charitable organization, and on-line social community of people from across the planet, who post their deepest wish or desire on the website’s “Wishwall”.   Simonetta, along with her global network of “Wishmakers”, select viable and attainable posted wishes, and work diligently to grant them whenever possible though the foundation and/or their community’s “Pay it Forward” model.  One story in particular, which brought me to tears when I heard it, was granted more than a year ago in Simonetta’s home town of Philadelphia


The Philadelphia Wishwall. Photo courtesy of Simonetta Lein


The Wishwall Foundation worked in conjunction with the city of Philadelphia to erect a physical “Wishwall” on the day of Pope Francis’ visit to the city.   Simonetta noticed a woman, in tears, writing on a Post-it note, sticking the note to the Wall, gently touching it, and then walking away.  Simonetta immediately read the Post-it and it said “I wish for my daughter to be remembered.”  After contacting Anna Pozzi, Simonetta learned that her daughter had been murdered by a hit and run driver and the culprit was unfortunately never found nor brought to justice.  Moved by her story, Simonetta was determined to have Anna’s wish granted, and convinced the City of Philadelphia to officially name the 600 block of Kimball Street Theresa Pozzi Way in memory of Anna's daughter, Theresa.  This is just one of thousands of examples I could give of the incredible work achieved by the Wishwall Foundation.  And kudos to Shahida Clayton for allowing her brand to become a conduit for raising funds and awareness for such a meaningful organization!


Anna Pozzi, center, leans on Simonetta Lein of the Wishwall Foundation, as City Councilman Mark Squilla reads the proclamation naming the Pozzi's block "Theresa Pozzi Way". Photo: Charles Mostoller



For more information on Shahida Parides, please visit- Shahida Parides website

For more information on The Wishwall Foundation, please visit- The Wishwall Foundation website

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