Laura Biagiotti


Laura Biagiotti is a woman who is in a league of her own. The mere mention of the name stands for sheer elegance and style.  For over 40 years the fashion house of Laura Biagiotti, a family owned brand ran by none other than Laura Biagiotti herself has garnered the reputation as one of the best fashion houses in Italy.


She is the “Queen of Cashmere” and a women like no other. Laura Biagiotti is a cultured and intelligent woman from Rome. Laura’s mother named the company after her only daughter and passed down her talent for design and great taste.


Laura has created a signature style of only the finest fabrics of silk, cashmere and linen in the form of men and women’s clothing, lingerie and bedding. She has also created some unique and well- loved fragrances such as, “Roma” and “Venezia, along with her signature “Laura.”


Now the torch has been passed to Laura’s only daughter, Lavinia Biagiotti who has created the adorable children’s line, “Biagiotti Dolls.”  Together they fuel their great passion for design and artistic flare in not only their clothing lines, but in accessories such as, jewelry, eyewear, scarves, handbags and hats.


I have had the privilege of knowing these dynamic, amazing women personally throughout the past decade. They embody the heart and soul of true beauty both inside and out. And I have found Laura Biagiotti to be so much more than her image and name. A special soul with so much talent to share, we are lucky to have the experience of so much style and grace.


 For more information visit the Laura Biagiotti website


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