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Latest Trends in Night Club Dressing

By David Biggers

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Keeping up with the latest trends can be difficult, especially if you watch television and use the internet and gaze in awe over foreign trends. Cultures all over the world are always going through different phases and you can never be quite sure what is cool and what is awful. Trends for night club dressing can be very area specific. One way to beat this is to get check out photos of people in the area at nightclubs (easily done online), and then dress similarly.

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Trends around the World for Night Clubbing

In Sydney, Australia, you can get away with skimpy dresses and high heeled shoes in almost any night club, that is just their culture. If you instead went out clubbing in Tokyo, Japan you would find that the level of dressing is a little more formal and not quite so revealing as some western cultures. Sometimes taking fashion advice from other countries can give you a really exotic and fun look, but just don’t overdo it! Below are a few tips to guarantee that you will always be in touch with the latest trends.

Latest Trends for Male Night Club Dressing

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Because of the relative lack of choice for men, they have it a bit easier than women, however there are some things that have become more popular for men lately, here are a couple of ideas.

-     Perfect black is something that Phil on The Hangover Part 1 pulls off really well, and you can do the same. Being dressed all in black is really fashionable right now, provided that everything fits snugly.

-     Don’t even think about going out if your pants aren’t tailored properly or if your shirt is too big and baggy.

-     Grab some real leather black shoes while you are at it.

-     A suit without a tie is becoming popular in most places. It says to everybody that you are somebody important and you have a good job, but you are high up enough to not have to wear a tie. Wearing a suit is a great choice if you just plan on being out for a few hours, but is not an ideal outfit to wear until 3am.

-     Wearing a pinstriped shirt underneath a coat is a really hot look right now.

-     Light jeans and brown chinos with a lighter color shirt on top are always a good choice, especially if you can get something a little different to what everybody else is wearing, but just slightly. Nothing says boring like 5 other guys at the club wearing the exact same pair of pants. They should also be a good fit, make sure that you try on a few pairs before you buy any.

These Are The Main Things Guys Get Wrong:

  1. Dark glasses. Unless you are in the FBI, Mafia or are Jack Nicholson, don’t do it.
  2. Leaving long shirts untucked. This looks like something immature schoolboys do, not grown men. Tuck the shirt in and look like a true gent.
  3. Wearing colors that show up sweat marks. Nothing says steer clear more than a guy who has sweaty armpits and a huge sweat necklace around his back and chest.
  4. Forgetting to put on some subtle aftershave. Aftershave or cologne is a must have, however subtle is the key here. Just a small dab is required on the cuffs and neck.

Latest Trends for Female Night Club Dressing

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Tight fitting and showing a bit of skin plus a classy outfit is what is hot right now for females hitting the clubs. It can be hard to strike a balance between showing off your shoulders and feeling a little bit too open, but the secret is to try on a lot of outfits. Take photos of yourself in each one and see what you like best. Another essential is to know the club you are going to in advance - you don’t want to go to a jazz club wearing a mini skirt and a tank top with 6 inch heels.

Showing off the shoulders and legs, up until a few inches above the knee is the trend right now, so if you can achieve this look and still feel comfortable, you are good to go.  Deep blue, dark red, pure black and white are the dominating colors right now. If you are unsure, the common little black dress is always in style.   Short boots and closed in heels are the footwear that is dominating Hollywood right now, and therefore the trends that are happening. Cute little boots can be brought inexpensively and look fantastic with any outfit, even jeans or other long pants.

What Not To Do When Dressing Up

Here are a couple of the main things that girls get wrong when dressing for the clubs:

  1. Overdressing. Often it can be hard to get it just right, however sometimes when you have the most outrageous of everything you can look a bit out of place. Try wearing a beautiful dress with your hair down, then some simple flat shoes. Or go with some crazy high heel shoes and then wear a more simple dress.
  2. Too much make up. At the moment there is a huge green, minimalist sort of feel we are going through. Guys seem to be more interested in girls that look naturally good. This doesn’t mean no makeup, just minimizing it and trying not to go Nicki Minaj on it.
  3. Worrying too much. If you are too worried about your style, you can always bring a light, timeless jersey or coat to wear out. Then when you are inside and you know you look better than most of the others, you can take it off and feel great!

The Number One Thing to Remember - Get Clothes That Fit

Although there are huge differences between countries when it comes to fashion in nightclubs, one thing always remains the same - quality pays. Buy a couple of really nice, high quality outfits and you will be guaranteed to stay in style, just like an expensive, quality vehicle is always admired, even years after it has been manufactured. This is applicable to guys and girls.


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Published on Jan 25, 2014

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