La Jolla Fashion Film Festival- Inspiration of Film and Fashion

This was my first Fashion Film Festival, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I showed up with fresh eyes and great expectations and La Jolla fashion Film festival did not disappoint.  The nominated films were creative and truly inspiring.

This is the fourth annual Fashion Film Festival at the Museum of Contemporary Art La Jolla.  Awards were given out for films that displayed exemplary creativity and vision in the new and growing genre of Fashion Film.

The festival ran from July 26th to July 27th.  Friday included a networking meet-and-greet and creative labs for aspiring filmmakers and producers.  The day continued with screenings of the nominated films.  

On Saturday, I attended a Panel of Directors who spoke eloquently about the industry and about how best to brand your fashion films in the new world of social networking. We learned that the industry is giving aspiring fashion designers and filmmakers many opportunities to showcase their designs and vision without the high cost of a major runway.

Hollywood Producer Adam Leipzig was present to give a wonderful presentation.  He talked about cultivating a small documentary about penguins into the summer smash March of the Penguins.  He also gave the attendees informative direction on how to pick projects and make them successful.  One key point he touched upon was first to know your audience. Second, he challenged attendees to always find evidence that their films will be successful with the marketing they choose.  Lastly, Leipzig told us that when it comes to the creative world of filmmaking, our weaknesses are our biggest strengths and our strengths are our biggest weaknesses.  I found this session very inspiring.

Finally it was time for the red carpet.  I enjoyed seeing the designs that were featured in the nominated fashion films.  The trends on display included tastefully-displayed midriffs, peak-a-boo lace gowns, plenty of line detailing and even a few steam punk-inspired outfits.  We saw the designers posing with their creations and the attendees had a blast.

The red carpet was a treat, the models were gorgeous, the photographers never stopped taking pictures and the event stopped traffic.   I will be eagerly looking forward to next year’s La Jolla Fashion Film Festival.

Congratulations to the International Fashion Film Award Winners!

BEST MUSIC - "Moving" - Julian Acosta

BEST ART DIRECTION - "Steam 1886" - Adrian Lazarus

BEST FASHION - "Lovers Game" - Miguel Gauthier & Viktorija Pashuta

BEST HAIRSTYLING - "Chimera" - Raul Rosillo

BEST MAKEUP - "Mia" - Aviv Kosloff

BEST VISUAL EFFECTS - "Urban Hippie" - Damien Krisl

BEST CREATIVE CONCEPT - "Lilith" - Eric Chang

BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY - "Pasos de Sirena" - Pablo Clemente

BEST ACTRESS - "Roshambo" - Sheila Marquez

BEST ACTOR - "The Reinvention" - Michael Kenneth Williams

BEST DIRECTOR - "Roshambo" - Guy Aroch & Jonathan Doe

BEST PICTURE - "Roshambo" - Free People




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