Kimi Verma – Ambitious Fashion Designer and Founder of Shail K.

Born in the land of vivid colors - India, Founder, designer and C.E.O. of Shail K., Kimi's dream not so long ago became the reality she envisioned as a child about running a fashion house for women's dresses.


Kimi Verma has known tremendous success in many vocations and walks of life. After becoming Miss Mumbai (Miss Bombay) and winning other coveted beauty titles, she went into professional acting and became a star in several prominent Punjabi films. She then went on to modeling and starring in TV commercials and working as a professional model at prominent fashion shows. 


Kimi Verma

Her greater ambitions were to become an artist and fashion designer, and this led to her founding of Shail K., an eminent fashion dress company in Los Angeles, California. Here, she has designed some of the most popular and successful dress lines in the industry.


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"Growing up in India, truly the land of silks and stylish apparel, I saw how my mother used to get ready and dress in beautiful sarees whenever she was to attend social gatherings and prestigious events. I saw also many Indian weddings and the play of colors, rich silk fabrics, embellishments, jewelry, and shimmering royal embroideries." During her studies and while growing up Kimi read a lot about kings and queens and saw the remarkable paintings that depicted them, and how they always wore amazing, embellished outfits. From this Kimi knew that every woman should feel like a queen and adorn herself in rich, lustrous fabrics--and thus look as beautiful as she feels.

It's a reality very much appreciated by women everywhere as well as dress and clothing retailers the world over who have profited from lining their racks and shelves with Shail K.'s many seasonal and uniquely designed dress lines.


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Kimi works to empower women even as she pursues her entrepreneurial dreams by making sure that doors are opened for women and they are afforded otherwise unavailable opportunities. Kimi K., Inc. employs an all-female staff here in the U.S. and only selects international manufacturers that can ensure that 65% of the workers who work on Shail K® products are women. Kimi is adamant that these factories are regularly inspected to ensure that they meet international labor and ethical standards. Kimi supports ‘Women’s Giving Circle’ – an organization dedicated to researching and funding programs that benefit the development and well-being of young women.

Kimi's vision in uniting her love for fashion and connecting it to her deep-rooted
desire to empower young women pushes the envelope and charts a socially conscious path for other young entrepreneurs.


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For more information about Kimi and Shail K., your can visit the website here.

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