Julianna Bass - Seamless Fusing of Femininity and Geometry

Julianna Bass creates pieces that are bold and fearless. She understands that her work is not for the trendy or timid. Women of sophistication, strength, and character are at home in Julianna Bass. At the heart of her groundbreaking work is her seamless fusing of femininity and geometry. Her definitive shapes captivate and compel but never at the cost of overpowering a woman's beautiful body.

Softness and sharpness are in harmony in Julianna Bass' innovative dresses and separates. Her love of silk wools, chiffons, and organza’s leads her to create crisp and clean designs with perfect tailoring that recalls the classic designs of the great 20th Century American designers. These timeless classics are re-imagined with Julianna Bass' unique touch. Dramatic and emotional Julianna's pieces are designed to create mystery and power in and for the woman who wears them. Women will feel immediately more provocative and sensual the instant they slip on her luxurious garments.  Julianna Bass is simply powerful, unquestionably unique, and unlike any other. 

For more information on Julianna Bass: www.juliannabass.com

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