Julian Chang - Discusses His Fall 2013 Collection Where Miami and France Intertwine


The Bold and Fearless-Julian Chang! Courtesy Photo

Being on top of the fashion trends has remained effortless for this chic designer. Miami based, Julian Chang, has dressed some of the top names and Hollywood celebrities such as: Angelina Jolie, Paris Hilton, Gloria Stefan, and many more. Originally from Peru, Chang moved to Miami 10 years ago to attend Miami International University of Art & Design.

Chang’s collection was “inspired by a French girl who moved to Miami, she wants to continue with her glamour and own fashion, but at the same time she has been influenced by the sexiness of Miami," says Julian Chang during the 15th annual Miami Beach International Fashion Week.

'Violet Dress' by Julian Chang. Spring 2014 Collection! Courtesy Photo

“Fashion is all about moving forward, says Chang. You make everything as new as possible!” Chang decided to speak with Splash Magazines to discuss one of his latest collections. The Fall 2013 collection which is definitely a mix of his two inspirations: French glamor and Miami sex appeal!

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Sargent: What was the inspiration for you current collection?

JC: Miami has always been the inspiration. the collections are a little more 'sexier' more about the feeling the clothing gives you and prints are inspirational to me.

Sargent: How is this collection different from your last collection?

JC: This collection is different from the previous collections because it represents a classy yet edgy feel to it! It is French inspired, so the whole line is very couture, timeless, chic, and clean! The previous line was more about island and bohemian notes. Comfort, confident, and very colorful! Hints of corals, white, jade which all together delivered a tropical feel.

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Sargent: If you could dress anyone who would it be?
JC: I would love to dress Kate Middleton! She simply represents so much glamour!

Sargent: You’ve come such a long way! What are some words of inspiration that you’ve received on your journey?
JC: To always believe in yourself! You have to remain creative! As long as your passion comes from within, and you have the right intention-it will work out! I’m so lucky to do what I love the most!

Be sure to keep up to date with this fashion mogul! His newest collection which features bright colors, bold patterns, and plunging lines will ensure you are looking flawless all year long!

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