Juicy Couture Spring 2013 Collection - Served up by Male Models at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

JUICY COUTURE SPRING 2013 at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

I arrived at Lincoln Center anxious to see the Juicy Couture runway show.  I was slightly perplexed as I wondered where the stage was. Everyone I asked pointed me in a different direction, until I finally realized:

Juicy Couture Show Invite

1. The Juicy Couture show was outside

2. The confusion was meant to surprise and intrigue an anxious audience. Juicy was the final show.  There had been a long week of fabulous, perfectly coifed runway models strutting their well-manicured toe nails in 6” Stiletto sandals or maybe that was the crowd of fashionistas watching.

Juicy 2013 Collection

A stunned crowd was mesmerized as several, hot male servers in white Juicy t-shirts started the official debut of Juicy Couture at MercedesBenz Fashion Week.  In the spirit of the world’s current Twitter-induced 140 character attention span, LeAnn Nealz debuted her Spring2013 Collection on screen with a quick, flirty, and fun mini film directed by Zoe Cassavetes and starring South African model, Candice Swanepoel as the ultimate in California, sexy, cool with music by “Best Coast.”

Juicy Spring Pink 2013 Collection

New York city was enchanting on an 80 degree evening. Sipping pink champagne while watching a large screen in fascination, seeing many angles of the Juicy jungle of luxury. Outfits from tiger stripes to polka dot jumpers worn by Candice Swanepoel posing on velvet couches. She stares into mirrors with sound gurus syncing the stunning Juicy-clad model's moves to the tempting beats.

Juicy Black and Red Stripes

I could only imagine myself wearing these cute and coordinating ensembles to a Sunday brunch or maybe to meet a mid-week fling for a lunch hour rendezvous.  There has always been something alluring about Juicy from the name tattooed across rear ends of Young America to charms that are anxiously fawned over from Nordstroms to bidding wars on eBay. The collectible little dangling crystals and colors intrigue the admiration of ladies from the Bingo set to the coloring club in nursery school.

Juicy Floral Pantsuit

The luscious charms and jewelry sings out with all the colors of a box of Crayola crayons.  I was dazzled by sharp velour track suits that are cool yet comfortable and oh so chic in pastel shades made from velour to terry cloth. These hoody suites are as much of an American staple as lemonade and trick or treating.

Juicy Spring 2013 Collection

Swanepoel showcases the best of Juicy’s Spring looks, which were inspired by the flirty, glamorous pin up girls of the 1950s. “We wanted to take that spirit of the pin up era and reinterpret it in a modern, fresh way. The collection has a subtle sexiness carried throughout -but still feels Juicy and fun,” said LeAnn Nealz.

This was Juicy’s first-ever Lincoln Center show and featured a wide collection of fabulous outfits for Spring 2013 from denim jumpsuits to striped short shorts throughout the film.  I saw soft silk dresses, a stunning navy floral romper, sharp printed blazers, glamorous Juicy Jeans and a new interpretation of its iconic track suit.  Luscious, jewel-encrusted leather handbags and pave jewelry were dominant throughout. For added fun try the DIY Juicy charms from flowered turquoise Halloween Skulls to grape soda pop to pussycats and the representing adorable corgi in new lower-priced starter kits. You can even buy your initials to dangle from your chain.



Juicy Orange Dress 2013 Collection


About Juicy Couture


Juicy Couture embraces the bright and glamorous fun of its Los Angeles heritage by discovering the couture in the everyday, and delivering an element of surprise in all of its designs.

Famous for ascending the tracksuit to its status as a casual luxury icon, the brand continues to evolve, bringing the same confident, whimsical and feminine attitude to everything it creates.

Today, the global phenomenon offers an assortment that spans fashion apparel for women, girls and baby, handbags, shoes, intimates, swimwear, fragrance, accessories, jewelry, sunglasses

and small goods.

Juicy Spring 2013 Collection

Started by two fashion-obsessed friends in 1997, Juicy Couture quickly achieved global recognition and garnered millions of fans, many with famous faces. In 2003, Fifth & Pacific Companies, Inc. (NYSE: FNP) (formerly Liz Claiborne Inc.) acquired the company, and in 2010,

Juicy Couture tapped LeAnn Nealz as Chief Creative Officer and President to guide the brand into its next phase of growth, while preserving the house’s playful and unique DNA.

Juicy Spring 2013 Collection

North America is home to approximately 127 Juicy Couture and Juicy Couture Outlet stores. You can also shop Juicy Couture in select department stores and online at juicycouture.com.

Internationally Juicy Couture and Juicy Couture Outlet stores can be found in over 279 stores in 30 Countries.



For more about Juicy Couture, visit juicycouture.com.



To see more from author, Lori Peters go to her websites at Lorileepeters.com or Boxmonthly.com.


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