Jockey Bra Review – I Love This Bra!

To save you time, I suggest that rather than read this review, you step away from the computer and head to the Jockey Bra boutique or nearest Jockey outlet store and buy their new bra. Or order a sizing kit, and purchase one online.

The Jockey Bra boutique in Woodfield Mall

If you would, however, rather keep reading article about the BEST BRA YOU WILL EVER WEAR, than actually going out and buying one, then by all means, continue. 


I first heard about the new JOCKEY® bra in aNew York Times article and read with interest and a certain amount of skepticism. As a person who has difficulty finding bras that fit (who doesn’t?), as I read it, I wondered, will the new sizing really be that different from the old?


So when I had the opportunity for a fitting and try-out of the new bra at their new Jockey Bra boutique in Woodfield Mall, I leapt at the chance.


A friend, Lisa, went as well, to get an idea of how different sizes might fit different bodies. I am medium build with a large bust, while Lisa is petite.


Jockey Bra styles displayed on the wall

The store has warm lighting and displays the five different styles the bra currently comes in—Classic Contour, Tailored Contour, Double-Lined Contour, Classic Soft Cup, Double-Lined  Soft Cup—along the walls. The Contour is a unique element of the Jockey bra. According to Jockey: “The JOCKEY bra features 55 sizes with a unique and patented 3-D Contour support, which replaces old-fashioned—and often uncomfortable-underwires. This new armature supports, cups and shapes the breast without any poking, giving women an exceptionally comfortable fit.”

Shortly after we arrived, we were welcomed into the Jockey Bra boutique by Sue, the manager. 

Sue, the amazing manager

Sue was both warm and knowledgeable. She explained that the bra had been eight years in the making and that research included 3-D scanning of more than 800 female bodies. What makes Jockey different, is that the sizing starts with the cup. Jockey has 10 different cup sizes that span the range, approximately, from cup sizes A to DDD. Sue said that when customers come in and see the cups, they often have an “aha” moment. There is no guessing at what size you might fit in a particular style, you simply select the cup that looks closest to your size and place over the breast, making sure there are no gaps or spillage.  From there, measurements under the bust are taken, and choices can be made from seven different band sizes, spanning sizes 30 to 42.

Sizing cups

As we were at the store, we were fortunate to be fitted by Sue. She took each of us into a fitting room, with is a luxurious space with a bench, soft lighting and a little dresser. If only they had these little rooms through the mall, they would be the perfect place to take a mid-shopping nap! Comfortable white robes were provided for the fittings.

The changing room - wish every store had these

Sue helped us find the right cup size, and then took our measurements. I was a 36 waist with a size 10 cup and chose the Classic Contour. Lisa was a 32 waist and a 3 cup in the Double-Lined Contour, and a 4 cup in the Tailored Contour. We both found the shopping experience easy and enjoyable, and appreciated the individualized attention.


I can only say, that when Sue fitted the bra on me, my reaction was “Wow! This is great!” The cups nestled around my breasts, with a nice even fit. The band fit flat around my back and underarms. Sue had me lift my arms to make sure that the bra did not gap when I moved. I am a convert. Lisa liked hers as well, particularly the Double-Lined Contour. 


Having worn them a few days now, I can say they seem to hold up well. I will definitely be buying these again, as will Lisa. 


This is not to say the Jockey bra is perfect. Is anything? The bras fit 80% of women, but there are still 20% that won’t find a fit, typically because they are not within the range that Jockey now accommodates. Jockey does plan to come out with more styles.


Sue also said that customers that use the kit and self-measure may have more difficulty finding the right fit than those that get fitted in stores. I would recommend getting measured in a store, if possible. It is a unique and worthwhile experience. 

Sizing Kit

The bottom line? A good bra is worth the investment, and Jockey bra is not just a good bra, it’s a great one.

Where to buy: 

Jockey Bra boutique

Jockey outlet stores

Price:  Each bra retails at $60.00.

Photos: Jackie Bookman and courtesy of Jockey Bra

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