Jeans Covered or Colored - Can You Find the Perfect Fit?

All Different Jeans



One clothing staple we can always count on is our jeans.  You can wear them to dinner, to school, on a date, shopping.  There are dark denim dressier jeans as well as distressed jeans that look like you have fallen down and scraped your knee.


Coated jeans

The hardest thing though is getting the right jean for your figure.  Are you built straight with no hips?  Then you will have a hard time finding women’s jeans that fit.  Try juniors.  If you have a muffin top tummy then you better not wear low cut jeans.  Pajama jeans, don’t ever leave the house in them.  Don’t get me started.


Orange Jeans

Now another new trend for spring is colored jeans.  A pop of color, maybe more than a pop, but stand proud and wear your lime green jeans.  Maybe orange is your color?  It is the new color for spring.  Sometimes they come up with new names for colors like peach, tangerine, mellon.  OK, maybe they are fruits, but never the less they will be used to describe this spring’s jeans.  Do you dare to wear snake or leopard patterned jeans?  You better be able to match them.

Skinny Purple Jeans


Another idea that a bored designer came up with is coated jeans.  OK, so they look like leather from a distance, but they are ridiculously hard to move in.  Not to mention they cost about $240. 


Colored Coated Jeans

There are so many brands of jeans to choose from.  James jeans, Jbrand, Lucky, Seven, True Religion, Guess.  Yet some of the old time Levis are still around.  I hear old ones can be worth up to $1,000.  Wow.  Wranglers are long gone.  So is Anderson Cooper’s mother’s Gloria Vanderbilt jeans.


Everyone in Jeans, But not Dog

So, do you want bell bottoms, or flare, or boot cut or boyfriend jeans, or skinny jeans or maybe you want jeggings?  (Jean Leggings).  No matter what you want, usually jeans choose you.  Some stretch and will fit you, but when you walk down the street they fall down.  At least that’s what happened to me.

Tight shirt Loose Jeans


Do you know what size jean you wear?  If you’re wearing elastic jeans or sweat pants you won’t know if you are gaining or losing weight.  That’s what we tell our friends.  I was a 32, but now I’m a 30.  European jeans? I was a 10, not I’m a 16.   I’m a size 0.  If you are an anorexic actress in Los Angeles maybe.  You won’t know it till you go into the dressing room and look into those 3 way mirrors.  They don’t lie, ladies.  You can never fool your jeans.  They will tell you, they don’t fit you anymore.  They strangle your stomach and you can’t breathe.  Then you need to get a new pair.  Some people will save their jeans for 20 years. On “The Biggest Loser” contestants lose 200 pounds and show that 3 people can fit into their giant, old jeans now.


I went into a Good Will the other day and they had racks and racks of designer jeans.  All abandoned by their owners.  The Antik denim jeans once cost $190.  They were a proud jean.  Now they are stuck with the Seven jeans and only cost $19.99.


Pile of Used Jeans

So is it worth it to spend $240 for a pair of jeans?  Maybe if they fit perfectly, are tight on your butt, legs and don’t make your stomach roll over them when you sit down.  Always sit down when you are trying on jeans. 


Distressed Diesel Jeans

Do you want boyfriend jeans?  Maybe you should just take his jeans.  Are there ex-boyfriend jeans or do we burn them?


levis history

In the summer you can cut off your jeans and make shorts.  Same jeans, new look.  Do you want capri?  They used to be called flood pants.


Americans will always love our jeans.

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