Marzia Paparini - Italian Costume Designer, Designing a Way of Life

Marzia Paparini an Italian Costume Designer, born in Milan in 1982, began to work in show business 2003 in theater costumes production.  She was part of the team of designers for the theatrical shows, under the direction of one of the biggest Italian theater directors, Luca Ronconi, during the Olympic Winter Games in Turin in 2006.

She attended and graduated the Academy of Beauty Arts of Brera in Milan, which is one of the best Art Universities in Italy. Marzia received a bachelor’s in Set and Costume Design.  She has worked with many of the most important theater directors in Italy and has been working for commercials and movies as well.

She came to LA to participate at the Metropolitan Fashion Week – Costume Designer Week Hollywood (produced by Eduardo Khawam) as the first international Costume Designer selected.

“My inspirations come more from my own fantasy and a great part of them from the historical and cultural baggage that represents myself as far as I’m Italian. I adore use often historical patterns for the dresses, mixed with more contemporary cuttings and fabrics.  I usually create a sketch at first and after this I begin to realize, normally, with my own team of pure Italian artisans, everything that concerns the costume. I choose myself the fabrics and how they have to be used for creating a gorgeous dress.”

Marzia’s influences come from her cultural origins and by anything that can inspire her to create a good costume that will be suitable for the director’s idea as well as the specific needs of the production that she is working on. 

As a freelance worker, she has the chance to explore various parts of the costume world and she loves everything that concerns costumes.  She loves to make creations that are perfect in every part, best fabrics, best patterns, best accessorizes, etc.

“I get inspired by some great painters both historical and contemporary, by art in every expression as far as by people that simply give me creative energy and good inspirations and with whom I can create a good working feeling so that I can trust in them. I’m curious about everything and this is the gasoline that burns my soul and gives me the power to create!”

She admires costume designers like Penny Rose, Colleen Atwood, Sandy Powell, Gabriella Pescucci, Michela Canonero, and Maurizio Millenotti. She hopes to create for cinema, TV and editorials, in the US specifically in Los Angeles; “at least for everything that concerns costumes”

Her work and feelings about the costume world “are not only passion, but they’re all my life, like oxygen without whom I can’t live. I think that a work like Costume Designer is not only a work, is a way of life.  I really think that there could be a chance for me in your great industry (in LA).”

Learn more about Marzia here.



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