How To Keep Your Jersey Looking Nice For Years to Come

Jerseys are the pride of a sports team and ensuring every time you stand out there you and your teammate’s looks your best is important.

Wearing a jersey with pride is important. If you feel passionate about something then you need to show it and a spotless jersey showcases this. So, how do you keep your sports jerseys clean for years to come?

Proper Washing Procedure

If you want to avoid damaging your jersey, it is important to wash it properly. After all, you bought the jersey because you wanted to broadcast your affiliation with a particular team. You want to show your support. You'd like to be able to wear the jersey for a long time. However, it may also be possible to sell the jersey in a few years, particularly if the team is doing very well. If the jersey looks worn, you will not be able to get as much money for it. Therefore, the way you wash the garment becomes critically important.

There are a few things to take note of when washing a jersey. First, look at the tag. Follow the directions as they are outlined there. For example, it may be that the jersey is not made for the dryer. In that case, you will have to air dry the garment.

1. Getting the Process Started

Biz is a great product to put on a white jersey. Also, make sure you do not skimp when it comes to the detergent; go with a well-known brand like Gain or Tide. These detergents are simply better at tacking tough stains. When you use such a detergent, it will clean the garment and give it some lasting protection for later.

Use hot water to wash the jersey (unless otherwise indicated on the tag). After the machine fills up with about half a foot of water, change it to warm water. When the machine has completely filled up, allow the agitation course to go on for about 60 seconds. The detergent will mix well with the water and will get the jerseys saturated.

2. Soaking

Allow the jerseys to spend some time in the water. Particularly if the garments have stains, this will help the cleaning process be more effective. You can even leave the jerseys in the water for a 24 hour period if you want.

3. Washing

Once you have allowed the jerseys to sit for a bit, begin the wash cycle. When it has finished, you can look to see whether you got rid of the stains. If they are still present, you may need to continue to wash until you make progress.

When you are washing your jerseys, do not put bleach in the water. Wash these garments separately. Do not add fabric softener. A jersey usually has some type of design. If you put in bleach, you will damage it. In addition, fabric softener can harm the garment as well. You also do not need fabric softener, because you likely will not put the jersey in the dryer.

4. Drying

After the wash cycle is finished, get the jersey out right away. If it is wet, shake it out so that it does not wrinkle. Get a hanger and put the jersey up. You want to make sure that you have a big hanger so that the jersey stays in the most optimal drying position. It could take as long as 48 hours for the jersey to completely dry.

Following all of the above will ensure that you have sports uniforms that stand out on the field.

Other Points to Take Into Consideration

You can put a stain remover on the jersey. Still, be cautious. Read the directions before you apply the product onto your clothing. It may be that the jersey's material is incompatible with the stain remover.

If you allow the jersey to hang dry and you still notice a stain later, repeat the steps above. It may take a little extra effort to get out a particularly tricky stain.

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