How to Choose the Wedding Dress That’s Right for You

Ask seven different experts about how to choose a wedding dress and there will likely be seven different answers. The fact is there is no one right way to choose your dress. There are a number of guidelines you can use as you see fit. All of them will help you determine the type of dress you want and make it easier to find the perfect dress for your perfect day. Here are some suggestions that will aid you in the search.

What Kind of Wedding Are You Planning?

Think of the type of ceremony and reception that you want. Perhaps you like the idea of a formal affair that includes all the traditional elements. Maybe you want something with a casual theme that does not require your guests or you to dress up. Your idea of the perfect wedding could be a simple ceremony by a river or lake with a minimum of ritual.

The type of wedding ceremony you are planning provides the inspiration for your wedding dress. Think of where the ceremony will be held, the time of year, and even whether the ceremony is inside or outside. Those factors will help you focus on dresses that strike you as suitable for the occasion and the setting.

How Much Can You Afford?

Wedding dresses can be simple and affordable or they can be ornate and expensive. Before you set out to look at any of the NYC fashionable wedding gowns currently on the market, determine how much you can pay for the dress without creating any financial distress. Remember to allow for things like having the dress altered in some manner or arranging for it to be shipped to a specified destination. Having that figure in mind will narrow the range of choices into something that is more manageable.

How About Colors?

Even if you are planning a traditional ceremony, there are options other than white for your dress. What color do you think fits in with the occasion and also happens to look great on you? Take cues from your skin tone, hair color, and other features. You may find that a light blue, ecru, or even a bold color like red will work best.

What Design Elements Do You Like?

Focus on dresses with design elements that truly appeal to you. Perhaps you like the idea of a bridal skirt that accentuates your legs. If so, go with something simple with a nice slit along the calf. Full skirts are also a wonderful option when you want to call more attention to your shoulders, waist or features other than your legs. There are other elements to think about. Do you want a lot of lace? Perhaps a certain type of neckline appeals to you. Make a list and see how many dresses you can find with those qualities.

Remember that your wedding dress is intended to be something you treasure for a lifetime. Don’t rush and be open to exploring ideas that were not part of the original plan. The day will come when you come across a dress that you know was made especially for you.

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