Homo Consommatus Spring 2013 Review - Innovative and Futuristic

Russian designer Alexey Sorokin drew quite the crowd to the Pier 57 during New York Fashion Week to unveil his latest collection. An eclectic group of people sat inside the trendy location, while anticipation lingered in the air, however, no one expected what was to come.

The room blacked before illuminating with a movie theatre size LED screen that projected a model with her face obstructed by a leather mask. The screen projected various visuals of the woman in authoritative poses in a futuristic environment.

As the video continued to play, the unexpected occurred; a model appeared and walked horizontally in front of the screen. One after the other, models rejected the traditional manner of showcasing designs down a long runway. At various times the masked women stopped in front of the screen to interact with the oversized woman projected in the video.

Despite not being able to see the detail of the models clothing, the LED screen projected beautiful and artistic visuals of the garments on masked women, which showed the wear ability and design of the garments.

The concept of Homo Consommatus is, “The Earth appeal has been exhausted. Opinions are meaningless against the dictate of diminishing natural resources. Individuality, the last refuge of humanity, becomes a liability. While conformity triumphs, Twins emerge as the ideal creature: natural clones, unique and typical at the same time. Physically and psychologically perfected demigod twins are taken to Mars to become the forebears of the new generation of humanoids. Sexuality must be redefined and repurposed. The future is at stake. Nukleotransfer begins.”

Unique and Innovative, Sorokin revealed a stellar collection, while providing spectators with an experience to remember. 



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