Gudnitz Couture Spring 2011 Collection Review at New York Fashion Week Spring - Old Hollywood Glamor with that Touch of Beauty

Rikke Gudnitz true passion for beauty and romanticism was delicately presented in her Spring 2011 Fashion week runway presentation at The famed Metropolitan Pavilion  Chelsea. Her sole intention was to present innovation to her couture gowns unmatchable in the craftsmanship of the impeccable fit for many body types making every women walk as a European princess of power and status. Her slender silhouettes matched with timeless elegance dazzles the audience into entering a world of somewhere in time with no cares in the world.

Romantic, Flowing evening gowns with a graceful touch can never be forgotten.

Muppets and Queens, Fairs and Gods, Fashionistas and Divas all glided through the room with the latest styles and trends from Teal Green hats with mesh to Big Gold sunglasses worn as a necklace by men, everyone had their own sense of unique style and never for a moment was any of the attendees shy of expressing what they find as true fashion.

A white full ruffled dress and a sexy black & white statement add for more diversity to her evening look of many occasions.

The lights turn up, the dancy music starts, the crowd goes completely silent to the point of hearing a pin drop....the anticipation intensifies thick enough to cut with a knife. The first model enter the catwalk outfit in Duchess silk with Soltstiss lace and feathers, a perfect way to dazzle us to want to see more. Feathers have never been so elegant and teasing.....does this magnify the romanticism to come..... yes!

Pick and Silver metallic materials give a flash to that unexpected moment.

The Gudnitz riveting collection comprised of elegant fabrics of circles flounces in Organza, Dutchess satin, corset dresses, draped silk tulle, silk Chiffon, delicate taffeta. Her gowns were embellished with a sequin mermaid theme, appliqued lace, and leather and silk sashes, and a strong corset theme to add that sexy excitement needed for every wardrobe. A palette of soft colors of white, ivory, pink, and peach were an excellent choice, but lets not forget the basic black that gives every women that slimming elegant style.

There was an undercut theme of Old Hollywood movie glamor throughout the Collection that can only be seen on the 1920's – 1940's silver screen. Rita Hayworth, Vivian Lee,and Ava Garner. We sit and reminisce about the days where women rolled their hair into perfect curls, walk the streets in full length bridal like couture dresses with satin sashes, that well defined eyeliner around the eyes, and a diva red lipstick to make every man wonder into her sophisticated mystique. These were the days where women sat on a high pedestal of elegance in a velvet chaise lounge, overlooking a garden of fresh exotic flowers, and sipped high-tea with her lady friends at late afternoon....... The Gudnitz Collection brings back every detail of those flourishing days for the women of class and style.

The star-studded statement gown of the night was an Old Hollywood Pin-stipped pleated dress with a sexy flare.

The gown of choice for the night was the black and white pin-stripped gown form fitted like a corset around the bust, tailoring into the waist with delicate pleats, and a simulated empire cut shirt draping to the floor at a perfect symmetry. Speaking with the actual designer Rikke Gudnitz was an unmistakable pleasure about this gown and her career.

Rikke Gudnitz gets a round of gratifying applause for her Spring 2011 masterpiece.

My inspiration for this particular gown was from a an old Danish movie. There was a beautiful Goddess in the scene of the movie and she comes down over the crowd in this goddess-like pin-stripped gown where the audience sees nothing for the moment but her. Old Hollywood movies is my inspiration and always has been.”

I have been in the world of fashion for 11 years and love it. I plan to stay in Denmark where I am from and the united States as well. The show this year was great and everything I hoped for.”

Rikke Gudnitz is a brilliant designer from Denmark and she graduated from the Danish Soroush Design Academy in 1995 and became an assistant designer in London and Milan, and then she launched her own brand in 2000. Rikke Gudnitz philosophy is that “A couture gown must capture the character and personality of the client, accentuates her beauty, and make her look – and feel – like a goddess. This is my ambition with every single dress I create.”

Old Hollywood Glamor Girl hats with Feathers and Mesh were a capitvating look of the night.

Style 360 seemed to have pulled this once in a lifetime event together with ease, regardless of the hectic hustle and bustle of most fashion weeks. Sponsors as Beauti, New Era, Sebastian, Elle Jewelry, AM / PM Magazine, and Starbucks all conspired together to make the vision of every designer at The Metropolitan Pavilion possible for their Spring 2011 Collection and they did with style!

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