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Maximize Your Clothing Collection – Get High Fashion Threads on a Low Budget

By Shop Smart Girl

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Chanel. Lacroiux. Gucci. Herrera. These are names that can bring a smile to any woman who hears them. For those who can afford to buy these illustrious brands right off the runway, without needing to double check their account balance, there is a great joy in purchasing them. For those of us who can’t, it can be an agonizing nightmare filled with complete torment, especially when you go online and see the beautiful silhouettes or walk down the street and see a woman dressed like you would like to be. Before you get another Ben & Jerry’s Rocky Road and drown yourself in fashion despair, there is hope in two words – consignment store.

Once upon a time consignment stores were the dungeon of the fashion world, filled with few things you would want to look at, let alone wear. Thankfully, times have change. Today they are the heavenly havens for those fashion mavens who love high fashion but have a limited budget.

Consignment stores come in many different shapes, styles and sizes. For example, Wasteland in Santa Monica, C.A., has hip urban and vintage clothing, while Haute Seconds has more mature and sophisticated attire. One thing you can be sure to find in both, however, are high fashion threads, which can start from as low as $15 - sometimes less if you catch a seasonal sale.

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An added bonus of consignment stores are their selectiveness compared to thrift stores, which are often filled with so much junk you would rather clean out ALL of your closets and the trunk of your car than to visit one. The selectiveness allows you to save time when shopping and zero in on items you truly want. Plus, if that weren’t enough, some consignment stores even have layaway plans, so you can purchase a Chloe pursue for less than you would spend at Starbucks for two weeks.

Are you smiling yet? Well, you should be! With a $100 or less you can buy yourself high fashion clothing. Best of all, no one ever has to know you bought it from the consignment store, unless you tell them. With as much money as you will be saving you will want to tell people just to see the envy in their eyes.

When shopping at consignment stores, keep in mind you really have to look at what you are purchasing. As much as the stores are selective sometimes items pass through that are missing buttons, have a hidden stain or the zipper is broken. Make sure you thoroughly survey the item that you want to buy to make sure you are buying a good quality item.

With consignment stores, you can now be the fashion maven you have always wanted to be without breaking the bank. You never have to let a limited budget ever stop you from looking as great as you want to look. So go ahead…Smile! 

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Published on Oct 09, 2012

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