ECCO Shoes Review - Making Reliable Fashionable Shoes for Fifty Years

ECCO Shoes have served me well over many years.  As I select items for travel ahead, I immediately turn to ECCO products. Recently,  I discovered that ECCO is celebrating 50 years of producing reliable and comfortable shoes that also look terrific.  In the past I have purchased my shoes at a nearby store.  Not this time.  I just didn’t have time to  drive, park, look for my size, etc.  This has been my first experience in ordering online and among other advantages to looking online was that I also found a wonderful purse to further enhance my travel experience.  I was delighted when my huge box arrived only a few days after my order went in.

The package arrived quickly with lots of protective packing under which sits a purse and a shoe box

During April ECCO historical story telling took place to celebrate fifty years in business. ECCO almost shouts "passionate shoemaking" and it is impressive that the company has sustained its spirit for a half century. The US headquarters is in Londonderry, NH and the brand is known for it's great product, comfortable footwear anchored in style, simplicity, functionality, quality and craftsmanship – a true testament to its Scandinavian heritage.

Founded in 1963, ECCO has produced more than 350 million pairs of shoes globally. Each pair of ECCO shoes is touched by 210 pairs of hands before they reach the consumer – a unique value proposition of the brand that is one of the only vertically integrated footwear brands in the world. Through owning and managing every step of the shoemaking process; from tanneries to stores, ECCO can thoroughly provide quality assurance and control of its products. “We are shoemakers at heart and with over 4,000 branded sales locations in more than 90 countries we are, of course, also a large retailer, said chief operating officer, Michael Hauge Sørensen. “This is a business model that provides ECCO with two strong platforms in our quest to become the best shoe company in the world. While never compromising on quality shoemaking, we increasingly turn our attention to consumer demands and needs.”

When I tried on my new shoes, what impressed me most was I suddenly had more energy and found myself standing straighter.  I didn’t expect this but it is sure to enhance my travel experience.


As the world’s second largest lifestyle footwear manufacturer, ECCO is staying ahead of the competition by turning to its Scandinavian heritage for innovative design and modernization of its collections. Strong product performance and consumer demand has led the brand to its second-consecutive record-breaking year.  “We see the changes around us every day and recognize that ECCO has inherited an obligation to stay competitive and innovative,” said Sørensen. “2012 became an exceptionally good year for ECCO, secured by an extraordinary effort by the entire global team along with solid market performance by many successful products.”


For more information on ECCO and to celebrate in 50 years of passionate shoemaking, visit: and



Some very interesting information on ECCO’s history follows:

·         1963, the company was founded by Danish shoemaker Karl Toosbuy

·         1984, first fully owned factory established in Portugal

·         1990, establishes ECCO USA - later to grow into the single largest market

·         1991, builds a factory in Indonesia. The site includes production and a tannery and today is the largest production unit with more than 5,500 employees

·         1993, demand rises and ECCO builds a factory and tannery in Thailand

·         1996, first flagship store opens on the famous Oxford Street in London

·         1996, enters the golf shoe market - today the fourth biggest producer of golf shoes

·         1998, opens factory in Slovakia

·         2002, ECCO goes to Asia

·         2005, production is established in Xiamen, China

·         2008, builds a tannery alongside the shoe factory in Xiamen

·         2011, celebrates 1,000th store opening at Mall of America, Minneapolis, USA

·         2013, celebrates five decades of shoes with its 50th Anniversary




ECCO is a world-leading brand of shoes that combine fashion and comfort.  It has built its success on uncompromising quality and innovative technology.  It is noteworthy that ECCO is the only major shoe manufacturer in the world to own and manage every step in the shoemaking process. The company’s employees are the life force behind the products: designing, developing, producing, selling and taking responsibility for every last detail of the brand experience. ECCO is expanding at a fast pace, and today products can be found in almost 4,000 branded sales locations worldwide. However, ECCO's aim has never been to be the biggest - but always to be the best. ECCO USA is based in Londonderry, New Hampshire. For more information: visit, 800.886.3226.


In my search for shoes I have noticed a wider range of ECCO shoe choices each time I look for shoes.  In addition, now there is a wide range of purses and other accessories.  I have had ECCO shoes last for more than ten years and still look and feeling good.  The only problem is that old shoes are old, and new shoes are so uplifting.  Get a pair of ECCOs soon.  You will love them.


Photos: B. Keer






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