Ecco Shoe Review – The Perfect Summer Shoe

Summer is moving along, it’s true but there are still many hot days ahead.  I love Ecco shoes and went searching and I was delighted to find some terrific late summer values.


I was looking for a pair of shoes that offered support and zip.  I found them – a great pair of summer shoes that I can use for work or play. I wanted shoes in which I could walk a mile.  I found some and ordered them and have been pleased that they fit perfectly and are very comfortable


ECCO’s founder, Karl Toosbuy, had a dream. He wanted to own a shoe factory and run his own business. He was trained as a shoemaker from an early age, and gradually rose through the ranks to managing a shoe factory in Copenhagen in his early thirties but this was not his business. He took the risk of giving up the security of a regular job and sold his home and moved to Bredebro on the west coast of Denmark. He rented a small house and lived ther with his wife Birte and five-year-old daughter, Hanni.  There he took over an empty factory built by the local community to help create jobs in what was a predominantly agricultural town.


His early days were difficult, but Karl Toosbuy remained committed to his goal. Being a visionary, single-minded entrepreneur, he, along with a small team, developed a range of truly innovative products and introduced pioneering production methods. Karl Toosbuy, in fact, became the first shoemaker to realize that shoes had to be made to fit the foot, thereby breaking with centuries of shoemaking tradition. As a result, functional, comfortable ECCO shoes were launched in the 1970’s and became an instant success.


ECCO started out in April 1963 with 16 employees and one market. Remarkably, ECCO is now operating in 50 markets across the world.  The global ECCO family comprises 17,000 members and is a medium-sized family business, proud of its heritage with a strong platform because the products are relevant in today’s world.


I am always looking for quality, reliability and stylish comfort and I know that I will get all of this from ECCO.  Aware that its employees are the heart of their business, they know that without skilled, loyal and hardworking employees, their product would be less reliable. I imagine that their reliable product may be the result of the company striving to provide lifelong education, good career prospects and interesting challenges that maintain a high level of job satisfaction. ECCO wants its customers to feel confident that they will receive the highest quality standards, a great fit and good-looking shoes at a sensible price. ECCO will always stand for affordable luxury.


As a regular ECCO customer, I am happy to know that I can order online and be confident of receiving my order in a timely manner, that the shoes will fit me in and I can enjoy them. Check immediately for great summer values.



A note from the ECCO website:

ECCO is not just family-owned; we strive to run our company as an extended family. We encourage people to work not only with their minds and hands but also with their hearts. Like any company, we work to make a profit. But for us, our work is also a way to express our beliefs and values. We insist that our shoes follow the function of the foot. We have avoided the trend of outsourcing, because we feel it is critical to control every step of the shoemaking process. ECCO leather is so highly regarded that we supply not only ourselves, but also leading luxury brands around the world. We persistently innovate to create shoes that are softer, suppler, lighter and more like the foot itself. Scandinavian lifestyle is defined by being balanced and active. Every ECCO shoe - whether it is a business shoe, a sneaker or a high heel - is designed to free wearers to step into whatever moment life offers them.


Photos: Courtesy of ECCO website unless otherwise indicated


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