Dressing up for the Winter - 5 Clothing Items You shouldn’t be without

As we speak, winter is already at our doorstep. As the chilly autumn days inevitably morph into even colder winter days, you'll likely feel the need to replenish your wardrobe to fit the new weather conditions. Choosing which clothes to wear is a personal choice first and foremost, but, no matter what your personal style is, there are some items no one should go without. With that in mind, here are the five must-have items that will make the winter of 2016/2017 seem that much more bearable:


1. An All-Purpose Sweater

Winter sweater

Sweaters and wintertime go together like peas and carrots, which explains the massive sales jump that these clothing items generally experience starting in late autumn. But there are differences between all the various types of women's knitwear out there. Some are rough enough to make your skin itchy, will other do not provide adequate insulation and can leave you feeling cold. While there are many options to consider, merino knitwear provides the best combination of comfort and warmth due to its naturally-sourced wool content. That pretty much makes it ideal for winter sweaters, but you can also find cardigans and skirts made out of it as well.


2. A Stylish Leather Jacket

Winter leather jacket

Too many people settle for mere comfort in wintertime when they could be aiming for style as well. Leather jackets are easy to maintain and can give any outfit an instant boost in coolness. For best results, pick something that's tight-fitting but not constricting, and go with neutral shades such as black, brown or grey. A leather jacket also has the benefit of working well with almost all clothing items, from skinny jeans to baggy blouses, so you should have little trouble integrating it into your existing wardrobe. Also, be sure to accessorize your leather jacket with a discreet silver necklace for maximum effect.


3. A Pair of Ankle Boots

Ankle boots

Ankle boots are perennial fashion staples, and for good reason too. They are stylish and versatile enough to work with anything, while also being comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time. What's more, their height allows your feet protection from the elements, an especially important consideration in a season when sleet and snow are that much more commonplace. Whether you want to pair them with tights during the day or a stylish dress at nighttime, ankle boots are the kind of ally no woman should be without.


4. A Blanket Wrap Scarf

Blanket Wrap Scarf

While most people take steps to protect their feet and hands from the wintertime cold, too many of them neglect to cover their neck area as well. This is an especially important region that can easily go haywire if left exposed for too long, so investing in a good quality scarf becomes a necessity. In the 2016 season, large blanket wrap scarves have been all the rage, with fashionistas preferring them as big as possible so they can be used to cover other areas of the body as well. Indeed, having this kind of scarf on you is pretty much akin to carrying a blanket around, which can prove quite useful as the outside temperatures veer closer to freezing.


5. A Warm Fur Cap

Warm fur cap

Keeping your head protected during wintertime is a no-brainer, but how you go about doing it matters as well. While a small beanie might look good in certain circumstances, it surely won't get the job done once the weather really goes south. In such times, a warm fur cap in the style of traditional Russian ushankas can make all the difference in the world due to its dense material and enveloping ear flaps. For best results, go with one that can be fastened at the chin so you can also protect your jaw and neck area from the cold.


All in all, winter can be quite a divisive season, with plenty of people enjoying its unique charms while others abhor the cold weather and limited daylight. Nevertheless, being comfortable should be a top priority for anyone heading into wintertime. To that end, picking the right clothes can keep you warm and make you look good at the same time. By integrating the aforementioned clothing items into your wardrobe, you'll boost your chances of overcoming winter's challenges and coming out unscathed at the other end. So get started on buying the things you need before they get progressively more expensive as wintertime fast approaches.

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