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Kuala Lumpur is known for its tropical climate and a bustling modern, city that is embraced by lush greenery. The brilliant spectacle of the Petronas Twin Towers oversees this Asian city, that is the capital of the nation of Malaysia. It’s cosmopolitan population, amidst a mix of modern and traditional cultures that makes Kuala Lumpur one truly unique city.


Amidst these diverse influences, Kuala Lumpur is also home to a thriving fashion landscape. The city is the birthplace of numerous designers who have impressed with their Asian/Western influence, a marriage of inspirations so to speak, that display a fusion of East-West styles.

Enter the fabulously stylish, free-wearing designs of Le Ann Maxima. Le Ann Maxima, clothier to timeless high-street designer pieces, is the perfect example of a homegrown fashion brand that marries catwalk couture pieces with chic, everyday wear, suitable for the urban woman on-the-go.


The brainchild of E-Maxim Fashion, the brand has been making an impact in the local fashion and retail industry with its highly innovative and versatile designs which captures the rich, quirky heritage of Europe, interspersed with an Asian flavor. I'd say this collection delivers an elegant twist on the local fashion culture.

A unique fusion of Euro Asian influences

If you’re looking for the perfect designer wear but not wanting to pay an arm and a leg for it, then this is it. Le Ann Maxima’s dedicated in-house designers meticulously craft a bevy of dresses, skirts, shorts, tops and accessories on a monthly basis through its four main clothing lines. Career Wear, Ladies Wear, Evening Glamour Wear and Casual Fun Basics, are the four fashion lines catered to that should satisfy every girl's fashion checklist.


Wearable, light, easy couture … does that even exist ? Sounds like a city girl’s dream come true. Not to mention that the line is reasonably priced, sparing one the cost of couture whilst outfitting local girls in the giddy experience of daily stylishness.


I visited the flagship store in Kuala Lumpur and met with Ivan Poon, Vice-President of the Le Ann Maxima brand. Ivan welcomed me warmly to the store and shared the mission of the local brand – to produce timeless high street fashion designer pieces at affordabie prices. He spoke of the target market of the brand that attracts young, successful locals as well as a celebrity clientele across Asia & the globe. He patiently displayed Le Ann Maxima’s various styles and lines that cater to all occasions.


Very simply put, the Le Ann Maxima signature is a mixture of the rich, quirky heritage of Europe, interspersed with an Asian flavour. www.leannmaxima.com


The vibrant colours , pinks, coral, turquoise, blues, reds as well as the flattering lines of Le Ann Maxima’s designs were what really stood out and pulled me. It was like the lines of casual, semi-formal and evening wear called out my name, imploring “ Pick me, wear me ! I’ll make your day fabulous !” I may be delving in some poetic license here in my attempt to relay the allure of this vibrant fashion line.  They express the beauty of femininity while exhibiting both elegance and playfulness.


Le Ann Maxima has a diverse collection of casual wear, office wear and cocktail/semi-formal lines but it’s array of gowns were what catch the eye. Their flowing dresses are gloriously womanly whilst being easy to wear.  They range from the bright, summery long dresses that would be the ideal pick for a garden party or brunch with the girls. And then there are the more decadently bejeweled, crystal laden gowns dripping with glamour and sophistication. Slide your fingers through this line of gowns and beware of the temptations of each glorious ensemble.


Now, I wanted to uncover the designer of this exquisite collection? As Ivan Poon explains, dedicated in-house designers lovingly and meticulously craft the most exclusive of women’s lines on a monthly basis. These trend-setting collections keep hitting their stores nationwide with fresh, updated designs on a regular basis, and keeps clients eagerly awaiting the next, new line exhibiting it’s signature Euro/Malysian style.



I spoiled myself with a host of outfits from Le Ann Maxima, a brilliant, upbeat jacket and skirt suit that would be perfect for a day on Rodeo Drive. I found a wonderfully feminine peach satin gown that made me feel like a movie star from the silver screen, dripping with Hollywood glamour while stepping into the modern era.


Then there were the summery dresses, fuschia pinks and peacock greens that made every day feel like a splash of summer.  Vivid colors splashed over light, linen fabrics that washed delicately over my skin.

I also picked out an edgy mock-suede leather jacket that hugged my figure with a unique fabric that offered the stylish appearance of leather with the comfort of a cooler fabric. Ideal for the tropical climate.


Along with a few more chic pieces, I was equipped with a tantalizing new wardrobe.

And so I painted the town red attending events, luncheons, even out of town trips dressed in Le Ann Maxima. Le Ann Maxima's long,feminine gowns were the ideal outfit for any variety of evening events from cocktail parties to more formal celebrations. I could even see a daring, unconventional bride walk out in her fuschia pink wedding dress!

This is a collection that travels and wears with comfort and flexibility. Truly this city girl was made to feel both comfortable and Fabulous ! With it's wonderful blend of cutting-edge style and comfort, Le Ann Maxima’s trend setting collections are designed to compliment every woman’s wardrobe, making the ‘Maxima Woman’ a head turner and the epitome of style and grace.




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