Designer, Betsey Johnson Boasts Flare and Color - Her New Collection Debuts in Fashion Week

Betsey Johnson has the most fun collection.  I get so many compliments when I carry her black leather bag with pink studs.   My mother tried to steal it from me, but I use it everyday.  It has so many zippers and pockets and compartments.  It’s big enough to hold my iPad.


Betsey Johnson in Marilyn shirt

There are two lines, Betseyville is her fabulous, flashy, very affordable line.  There could be anything from a tiger with sequins to Marilyn Monroe on a tote.


Betsey Johnson is her main collection. Gorgeous, soft leather bags, with flowers and bows and chains.   The bags interiors are always lined with flowers or patterns in very bright colors.  Betsey’s signature colors are black and pink.  You can always recognize Betsey Johnson jewelry in the store from the bright pink tags.


Betsey Johnson got started designing in the 60’s.  She was the true flower child and grew up in Connecticut.


The fun, blonde, wild-haired Betsey is a Breast cancer survivor and she has a whole line of jewelry, clothes, socks and bags in pink.  A percentage of these  are donated for cancer research.


Betsey Johnson Boutique

Her clothes are very unique and trendy.  She has her own designer calling.  Bright flowers are often on her frilly, skirts.  Her coats may be a little more subtle, but the linings of the winter coats are lined with her signature flowers.


Betsey Johnson in frilly dress

You will always feel girly in Betsey Johnson designs.  She came out with some great, grey lace up low booties for fall  that that she added her own special frills to.


Her collection is sold in top stores like Nordstrom. There are also Betsey Johnson boutiques in Soho and on the upper east side on Madison Avenue in New York city.


Betsey Johnson 70's apartment

Even Betsey’s whole apartment is completely original and inspired and covered with flowers and pink furniture and bursts of color.  Just lovely.



Her jewelry has monkeys and skulls and hearts or movable teddy bears.  There are so many designs to choose from whether it’s earrings, a bracelet or a ring wearing Betsey Johnson will add a pop of color to a little black dress.

Betsey Johnson Display


Betsey signs her signature XOX Love Betsey.  The world loves Betsey back.  You have to put a smile on your face when you see a fun, flirty, glam Betsey design.  I can't wait to see her new collection in Fashion Week.


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