DaJuan Louis Mack 2013 Collection Review - The Mack Active of Life


A new brand clothing line is out and popping this year. Meet DaJuan Louis Mack, a native local in Los Angeles, California. A local fashion designer who will become known worldwide in one year. To clothing on the runway to streets of any country.  The new face in the Fashion World. A trend that has everyone on a uproar and wants more of it. A 80s and 90s retro with today's urban hip-hop lifestyle Called Mack Active.  




Started at 7 years old, he started drawing his line and last year made his clothing line come alive. He created a new way of lifestyle to anyone at any age. The meaning behind the Mack Active is if your active stay active by looking fly. The logo is retro 80s style of a head with afro and sunglasses. There’s clothing for all kinds of lifestyle activities to the office, at school, any activities outdoors and indoors, and any day lifestyle. There's business wear for men and women, swimwear, to accessories, hat wear, men's wear, women's wear, and so on. His line is for all four seasons. The quality and the comfort are perfect for any activity.




The grand opening of his new store will be open next year in 2014, no release day and location at this time. His first appearance of his clothing line was just appeared in Cali Swag District new music video "Shake Something". And still growing in the media. His clothing line will be appearing in Films, Commercials, and Music Videos.  



Working with Lady Destiny's Production for upcoming commercials for his brand. Making mini-series commercials for Mack Active. A new age of entertaining the viewers and showing the new clothing brand line for an active lifestyle. Check out the clothing line at Mack Active. His winter release launch party will be in December, On New Year's Eve in Los Angeles area. 



Photos by DaJuan Louis Mack 

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