CJ by Cookie Johnson celebrates 5 years of style at Neiman Marcus

CJ by Cookie Johnson

My Jewel Wrap Up today is on the beautiful and inspiring Cookie Johnson. I spend time over the weekend at Neiman Marcus inside Topanga Mall to celebrate the 5 year anniversary of her CJ by Cookie Johnson Jeans. The event was nice and classy. Cookie's family and friends put together a suprise celebration for her to congratulate her on the success of her amazing premium denim jeans. The were so many people that came out to support her. Even her husband Majic Johnson was there.

Cookie Johnson Birth name Earletha Kelly is married to Majic Johnson but even before him she was already owning her own path to greatness. Cookie has a very interesting background. Cookie originally from Rocket City, Alabama moved to Detroit after her father was offered a job at Ford Motor Company. After moving to the Motor City Cookie admits that moving from a small town in Alabama to a busy city like Detroit was scary and challenging. While in high school Cookie became interested in a sewing class that she really enjoyed and by the time she was ready for college she already had a passion for style. Cookie pursued her passion and went to college and recieved a degree in clothing retail and textile.

Tried these on black skinny legs

Cookie got her first job in the jewelry department at a store in Ohio the Lion Store she eventuallly worked her way up in retail to becoming a buyer for the department store Pinnacle working with dresses and bridal gowns. After 7 years Cookie moves to Los Angeles and started working for a junior sportswear company. Working with sales reps gave Cookie a complete overview of the fashion industry. By this point she had truely learn all aspects of retail. Later Cookie Johnson went on to marry the very popular ex NBA player Majic Johnson. After getting married Cookie decided to relax on retail for a while and focus on her family with Majic and raising their 2 kids Andre and Elisa. After going through so much and overcoming the controversy of her husbands illness. Cookie came back even stronger the beautiful, independent business women has gotten back in the clothing game. Bringing along her experience and great sense of fashion creating CJ Jeans by Cookie Johnson.

Be Fierce. Be Fabulous. Be Fashion

These premium denim jeans are not only comfortable by they are shape fiiting for all sizes. When I asked Cookie what inspired her to do her own line her reply was." Ive always been tall and curvy. I could never find jeans that fit me right so I was inspired to make my own.Knowing that there are alot of curvy women in the world that cant find the right jeans to fit their body. These are the perfect jeans for those women".

Cj crop pants love these

Right now you can find CJ by Cookie Johnson jeans in high end store like Nordstom and Neiman Marcus. When I asked her why those stores and why start so high end? Her professional and honest response was "In order for people to take you serious you have to start high end to show the quality in your product. If you can make it in high end stores you can make it anywhere". Cookie Johnson then went on to tell me that she does eventually want to move her brand into stores like Walmart, Target and Kmart etc.

CJ making jeans fashionable

After talking to someone as strong and inspirational as Mrs. Cookie Johnson. I was inspired to be a strong and graceful women through anything you go through in life. Life will throw alot at you but if you catch it and have the right grip.You can run with it and it will take you far. No matter what keep your head up and your mind right.

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