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Ciao Mao is the latest addition to the international brand designer footwear market. Hailing from Sao Paolo Brazil, the brand makes reference to postmodern globalized world culture. As exemplified by Western culture (Ciao) greeting it's eastern counterpart (Mao). It signifies a farewell to standardization of capitalist mass production, celebrating the diversity and handcrafted artistry which has come to symbolize the unique Brazilian boutique approach to production and design.


Utilizing the Logo of the 5 pointed star symbolizes the human dimension through which Ciao Mao conceptualizes its products. The star shaped logo representing the human head, the two arms and both legs planted firmly apart, which are all necessary ingredients in the design, the implementation and the utility value of their footwear.


Ciao Mao is the result of the synchronous search of the overall goal of uniting design and comfort,meeting the plurality of the globalized market with a taylored approach to standards and tastes, providing through environmental awareness, the demand for constant renewal of models and accessories, ink designing and the employment of rich Brazilian handcraft on an industrial scale, the sustainable use of materials and labor, with respect to environmental standards which in turn values the health and comfort of their customers when developing and selecting the material used on each individual model, whether Working with natural leather, cotton fabrics, fitted insole, leather and/or rubber soles and low heels.


Proving 'Concept is King', Ciao Mao celebrates the diversity and plurality of each and every one of their customers by allowing the customer to interact when choosing accessories of various shapes, materials and colors, thus becoming co-authors of their sartorial products. It is through each attitudinal preference that Ciao Mao is inspired to create footwear that gratifies both body and soul.


From each model the consumer can create an exclusive pair of shoes, customizing it, or creating many others from creation to post-sale. Augmenting the value of design from shop floor production-line aesthetics, detaching it from fleeting fads, but at the same time staying attentive to social trends. Just like art, good design never goes out of fashion.


Ciao Mao's philosophy is conveyed to their store's environment which also has a hand in translating the concept of their shoes. The link between west and east is represented in the furniture and objects making the shopping experience at Ciao Mao unique. The "interactive footwear" proposed by the designer and creator of the brand, Priscila Callegari, has conquered national and international recognition: IDEA/BRAZIL 2008 (gold), IDEA 2008 (bronze), TOP XXI 2009 (1st place) and BRAZIL DESIGN AWARD. They have also participated in the exhibition "Design Brasileiro Hoje: Fronteiras" (Brazilian Design Today: Borders) in the Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo. Their Slogan is 'Design from the head to the feet. Comfort from the feet to the head.'

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