Bibhu Mohapatra Fall 2011 Collection Review - Executing A Strong Signature of Layers and Revelations

Article courtesy of, New York's Best Independent Fashion Magazine
Photos by Freda Henry

Bibhu Mohapatra’s Fall 2011 collection presentation was a terrific example of his continuing exploration of his strong signature of layers and revelations.

Cutouts, slashes, and partial obscuration within the collection coaxed an enormous amount of visual interest for the viewers at the presentation. Strong geometric angular color blocking and luxurious prints mixed with fascinating textures and strong accessories to create a bold look that felt very fresh.

Mr. Mohapatra creates different clothes because he has a different vision. “I put in so much work and these are really special things and I want to make sure that they have more life than just one season.” He seems to have a strong sense of self and a strong sense of the woman who he designs for, saying “she is passionate, she has desires, passions for other things in life besides just fashion. She appreciates beautiful things, beautiful clothes but she is more than just that.” That core philosophy is important to understanding Mr. Mohapatra’s drive and products. He feels that his clothes must be complimentary not just to a woman’s body but to her life.

His work is glamorous and luxurious, but it is never likely to be cumbersome or trying to wear. He wants his client to be able to be stunning by simply wearing his work.

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