Be Stunning with Tiro Jewlery Design

You do not need to be a celebrity to act like it, you do not need to be of royal blood to dress like it, and you do not need to be a social icon to start a trend. It all comes down to your attitude and style.

Orit, creator of Tiro Jewlery, has created her brand based on these principles. “My pieces are designed for women that are not afraid to show some drama and be out of the ordinary,” Orit explains. With the use of intensely dramatic and creative designs, Tiro Jewlery’s high end pieces make bold statements. “I am like a peacock. I like to make bold statements and be flamboyant.”


Browsing the wide array of designs that are offered, it is apparent that gold and jewels are the favored components of Tiro Jewlery. “Every piece is made to order. Only the types of gold and colors of the stones may be changed, but not the design,” Orit tells us.


It has been four years since Orit first started to design jewelry. “I studied jewelry design in Israel and have loved it ever since. I believe that the clothing a person wears is like a canvas, but the jewelry are the colors that bring an outfit to life.” Orit finds some inspiration for her pieces from magazines, but most of her inspiration comes from random objects in daily life, conversations with friends, or even doodling. “I enjoy depth in everything and my imagination is always running.”


Orit believes that a true artist is born and cannot be created. She looks up to the likes of Oprah, Madonna, Lady Gaga, and Meryl Streep and describes these women as not only great artists, but as great human beings. Orit’s ultimate goal is to use her gift in jewelry creation to support animal rescue. “It is a set policy that a portion of all of my profits, from now until forever, will be donated to help animals. Helping animals is my true passion and mission in life,” confesses Orit.

Therefore, Tiro Jewelry is aiming to not only make a bold statement in your outfit, but in the world as well.

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