Alexander McQueen Video Compilation by Trevor Undi - 2012 Autumn/Winter Collection

Sardanapalian never had an adequate cinemagraphic definition radiating with such sumpsimus beauty as that of Alexander McQueen’s Autumn/Winter 2012-2013 collection. Trevor Undi, creator and film evolutionist of Kymera TV captures the magnificent radiance of Alexander McQueen as Autumn/Winter enunciates a streamlined vision of haute couture without the official scansion.

Enlightening of archetypal sanctions surrounding ready to wear collections, McQueen’s legacy has transformed into blossoming marabou caressing air in frets of diaphanous arrangement. Jading couturiers with elevated standards of optical containment in qualia filled verses of laser cut pony (go faux), idoneous jacquards, and buoyant decadence of coupe dégradée silks harmonizing tousled organzas in raspberry, Alexander McQueen under Head Designer Sarah Burton has become the neoterism of Ready To Wear.

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