Sophie Golightly - A Dream Inspired Lifestyle Collection

Anatolia oungewear in pink

Sophie Golightly is the first-ever boutique-based lifestyle collection which features loungewear, personal accessories, bed dressing, jewelry and decorative furniture. The range has a feminine sensibility with a touch of glamour that women crave. Sophie Golightly is a mood-boosting, comfortable lifestyle collection through its seamless use of color, pattern and craft. Under a charming and unlikely brand name, Sophie Golightly encourages experimentation, mixing and matching. Pricing ranges from $ 11 for beautifully hand-crafted bamboo cane clothes hangers and accessories to $400 for luxe Habutai silk bedding. Founder Charlotte Mills, says “We’re creating a sense of ease and effortlessness for women. An intimate, intelligent, fresh brand that becomes something personal, magical and remarkable.”

Asshur kimono long (left) and Asshur kimono short (right)

Sophie Golightly brings to life an eclectic vision and unique spirit in “Garden of Eden” inspired palettes. The brand naturally exudes a femininity that is in equal parts peaceful and playful. With effortless detailing and balanced patterns, the collection is a casual yet charming aesthetic of living. Sophie Golightly features inspired products in five categories: Loungewear, personal Accessories, jewelry, bedding and decorative furniture. 

Colorful pony holders and bamboo cane hangers

Named after the prettiest little Australian Shepard dog (and the brick-and-mortar boutique that ensued), Sophie Golightly is meant to be as spirited and lovely as the auburn-haired pup. “Sophie” comes from her sophisticated color likeness to Sophia Loren and “Golightly” references the quirky Holly Golightly in the iconic film ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’. Says Charlotte, “There is something there about the female proclivity for believing in magic and for believing in dreams.” Like a Summer day last year when it was discovered Sophie Golightly had gracefully given birth to three gorgeous puppies.

Family of stylish kalftans

Sophie Golightly recently announced it had been selected by the much admired Shiseido Cosmetics company for a holiday gifting event. Shiseido gifted Sophie Golightly’s loungewear items, specifically short kimono-style cotton voile robes, to its VIPs.  Sophie Golightly robes feature a striking kimono-style sleeve that conveys a sense of beauty and balance. In whisper-soft, patterned cotton voiles with a self-tie sash and inner tie, they are both alluring and multi-purpose going from boudoir to poolside at a moments notice. Available in a flirty at-the-knee length and a breath-taking ankle length, Sophie Golightly kimonos encourage a style-inspired life.

Havilah tanks (left) and urantia shorts (right)

Sophie Golightly is currently available at Fred Segal STUDIO in Santa Monica, California. Robin Hutshing, owner of STUDIO at Fred Segal says, “Sophie Golightly offers beautiful silhouettes in gorgeous, colorful prints and exquisite styling. We’re excited to bring the kimonos into our state-of-the-art brand mix. They will make a luxury gift, and combined with any of our beauty brands, a very special and unique present,”.  

The bedding range including duvet, shams and decorative accessories

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