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I love a man who knows what a woman wants. In fact, I don't know any woman who doesn't like it when a man seems to intuitively know just the perfect thing to make her happy. One of my happy spots is diamonds. A sure fire way to turn my frown upside down and into a smile is simply to go diamond gazing. Don't get me wrong I much prefer diamond owning to gazing and it is a perfect choice for a Birthday or Christmas present; hint, hint. But simply walking through display cases filled with diamonds and precious stones is pure Prozac. Trying on thousands of dollars worth of gems is bliss. Owning it all, ahh, sigh, look of yearning. Well, I'm working up to that one. Anyway, I digress. What I started out to say is, that I love a man who knows what a woman wants and Simon Ghanimian, President of Simon G. Jewelry, knows what women want.


I had the pleasure of being able to not only try on some of his wonderful works of art but to pretend for a few happy days, that they were my own. Albert Einstein is credited for saying "Imagination is more important than knowledge". And when my carefully chosen selections from Simon G. Jewelry came to our offices at L.A. Splash Magazine my imagination took over. I was utterly shameless. I pranced and paraded around in "my jewels" and had the most wonderful time. I had more than one person ask me what was different about me? They said, "You seem to be glowing!" I proudly would state, "It's the jewels." Then flash the ring on my finger as I pointed to "my" necklace and showed off one ear and then another. To which one friend stated that it wasn't the jewelry but it was all in my mind. My point exactly! When we feel beautiful, we are beautiful. When we feel pampered we're more likely to draw those to us who delight in pampering us. And when we have diamonds and gems glowing like balls of fire on our fingers, we glow. It seems to me to be a law of nature. I think the Latin term is the "Bling Effect."


While waxing poetic and in attempts to sum up my point, it seems to me appropriate to quote from the Bard of Avalon. Or in laymen's terms to plagiarize Shakespeare's Rosalind from As You Like It:"My way is to conjure you, and I'll begin with the women. I charge you, O women, for the love you bear to men, to wear your jewels proudly. And I charge you, O men, for the love you bear to women - as I perceive by your simpering none of you hates them - that between you and your women the jewels may please."  Where I am going with all of this? Heaven knows, I just get so giddy and starry-eyed thinking of diamonds that I loose track of everything.

Oh right! I was telling you about "my jewels" from Simon G. Jewelry! I choose a fabulous Art Deco styled ring, which was in a pink rubelite although the picture is with an aqua marine - an equally solid choice.

For you tech heads out there it was in 18K white gold with 0.63 carats of diamonds and 2.52 carats of rubelite. The retail price is $3,190.








Then since I have a thing about matching I choose a pendant necklace with matching earrings. The necklace was in white gold with 0.23 carats of diamonds and 1.80 carats of aqua marine. The retail price is $2,860.










The matching earrings - 18K white gold with 0.45 carats of diamonds and 3.53 carats of aqua marine. The retail price is $3,630. 







To plagiarize just a little more they were "Absolutely Fabulous" and I felt Ab, Fab! In fact I felt like a queen. Does it sound like I am going overboard? Well that is one of the known side effects from the "Bling Effect" Latin for severe bejeweled enchantment syndrome. 

This very serious and incurable enchantment also struck Simon Ghanimian, who at age 15 discovered he was drawn to sparkling jewels and had an underlying passion for diamonds. From this passion he has gone onto become the leading trendsetter in bridal and fashion jewelry for over 20 years. "My passion for precious gems and rare stones has inspired my unique collection," says Simon. "Whether I create a wedding band or a neckpiece, I design each piece of jewelry with the hope it will become a heirloom. "


The Simon G. Jewelry collection includes classic to contemporary styles of wedding bands, neckpieces, earrings, bracelets and pendants. Preferably using 18 karat or platinum, Simon G. hand selects his own metals and only uses natural colored diamonds imported from Belgium, Israel and India. In using only the finest gems, each piece of jewelry is hand finished with unique workmanship that includes intricate beadwork and engraving. "Great jewelry is an investment which is why I begin with only the most precious stones. I am very sensitive to the needs of the consumer and attribute my success to my ability to provide customers with the best value and quality."

Bewitched, bothered and bewildered I didn't cry when I had to give up "my jewels". I just kissed them a fond farewell and promised I'd visit often.

The Simon G. Jewelry line is available at Nordstrom and private and independent retailers throughout the country. For more information on the Simon G. Jewelry collection or for a local retailer, please call 213.622.2660 or visit


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