Marciano will set your inner diva free

Mainstream fashion often doesn't have a lot of imagination tied up in designs. It can be sexy. It can be classic. It can be utilitarian.  Usually the fanciful designs are runway material left for those with the ability to purchase haute couture pieces.  But rarely is the fashion available to the every day woman so much fun that you feel like a little girl with a bottle full of glitter running amok. Marciano is for the little girl who grew up into a sexy siren with a sense of whimsy.

In the Grove

Ironically, the first thing I thought when I walked in the door to Marciano's new store in The Grove was "Wow, so this is what Paris Hilton's closet must look like." I was being silly without realizing that she was, in fact, the face of Marciano.  These clothes are not for the shy or faint of heart. If you are afraid of color, glitz or daring cuts, run the other way. A profuse use of sequins, large and small, lush materials from airy silks to shiny synthetics and an irreverently devilish mix of patterns are the hallmark of the Marciano look. The rules were thrown out the door in the design process, giving us all a line of clothing that defies any real comparison.

Very Pink

To tell you how taken I was, the grand opening was salon styled, with wine and exotic finger foods. I completely ignored the silver trays, chocolate truffles included, to look at everything. I was reminded of my frustration in my teens with fashion that didn't fit my imagination or emerging sense of style and the experiments that were born on my sewing machine. There was actually a dress on display that looked like a dead ringer for something I had concocted but was laughed at upon wearing.

Brought to you by Vouge

For the party girl or fashionista who never does anything toned down, your inner diva will be satisfied. Even the lingerie is glitzy.  Both corsets and bras can be found dripping with bead work, sequins and rhinestone accents, perfect for wearing either solo or under a jacket as a saucy tease of what lies beneath.

Shoes shoes and more shoes

New arrivals for the holidays include the Silver Rain dress, which is a cross between a glass of champagne and a modern day flapper, and rabbit fur coats in both animal print or snowy white.

Models showing off Marciano

As a side note, I have to applaud Marciano for the devilish shade of blue they have adorned their bags with. Slightly a shade shy of Tiffany blue, I found myself eyeballing them in the hands of shoppers throughout The Grove while walking around as well as dining.  I freely admit that the first time I saw one, I excitedly wondered if Tiffany had a new store in the mall, only to discover upon closer inspection that the name on the side was 'Marciano.' Very clever move! Bravo.

If you hit The Grove this holiday, be sure to check out Marciano. For those familiar with the mall, the store is very close to Madam Wu's Asian Bistro. This is the place to get your Christmas and New Year's finery.

If you would like to find out more information about Marciano you can visit thier website at:

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