I.D.I. by Matthew – Product of Passion

IDI tie-dye tops Photo by Max Tiggas

While flipping through Elle on a Sunday afternoon I came across pages and pages of overpriced tie-dye clothing. It reminded me of a line I recently discovered called I.D.I. by Matthew. I thought to myself how fabulous it is to be able to actually afford something that’s trendy right now. When I read a little more about I.D.I I discovered that the line is the product of passion that existed since 1987.

I.D.I make fabulous tops, dresses, leggings and sweat-suits for women, and pride themselves in aesthetics and for quality.  Mixing intricate designs, soothing fabrics and playful cuts, I.D.I.’s legendary artistry in knitwear fashions has made it a cherished label for the casual yet fashion-forward clothing connoisseur. The line is available all over United States in stores like Macy’s, Nordstrom’s, and even popular Fred Segal.

IDI Pink Dress Photo by Max Tiggas

But I.D.I. isn’t just tie-dye, it exploded into fashion scene with its wonderful crocheted pieces that go great with jeans. Head designer Matthew Hekmat always turns to beauty of everyday life for his artistic inspiration. Now I.D.I.’s signature knits stay true to their off-beat designs yet continually evolve in step with current trends that excite I.D.I. followers season after season. 

Self-taught artist and designer Matthew Hekmat, the Iranian native immigrated to the United States at the age of 17 and was quickly called to a destiny in the apparel industry.  Naturally excelling in apparel merchandising and devoting himself to the study of design, Hekmat has built his work on the principles of exceptional service, superior goods and dedication to artistry.

Crochet tops by IDI Photo by Max Tiggas

To this day I.D.I. exceeds its mission to provide the most innovative and appealing fashion designs and to be the leading industry example of respect, honesty and integrity.  Says Hekmat, “Our promise is our passion, and our passion is our clothes.”

I.D.I retails for $40 to $120 and can be found at Bloomingdale’s and over 1000 other locations, nationally and internationally. For more information visit: www.eyedeye.com

Brown IDI Dress Photo by Max Tiggas

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