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Remember those old Levi’s brand “501” denim jeans you used to wear incessantly?  You probably had at least three pairs and may have even rocked the full head-to-toe denim ensemble- jacket and all.  (Don’t worry; we won’t mention any names here.)  Well, these jeans may have been a part of a trend you’d like to leave in the past…or maybe you’ve held on to a pair or two for good measure.  Regardless of when or how you wore yours, these jeans have held an iconic presence in American culture and style over the years.  In an almost nostalgic kind of way, Levi’s has helped shape our memory of the past and our evolving expectations of the future.

"Rome" (Turquoise)

"Royal London"

Thankfully, Hot Noodle Denim, a style-loving Los Angeles-based handbag company, has created a fashionable cure for any Levi’s nostalgia with its new line of eco-friendly handbags made from recycled Levi’s Original 501 denim jeans.  Recycling fashion is a hot topic- one that Hot Noodle Denim has fully embraced.  Now you can wear your old denim in a fun new way, and add a bit of flare to your look- without breaking the bank.  With retail prices ranging from $25 to $65, Hot Noodle Denim’s handbags are affordable and make for great gifts.  Your support of recycled 501 denim jean fabric to create these unique handbags helps the environment too!  Everything used to make each bag, from the denim to the clasps, straps, embellishments, and fabric detailing, is derived from eco-friendly material, proving that eco-conscious can look eco-chic!  With several styles, jean shades and accent colors to select from, Hot Noodle Denim seems to offer something for everyone.  Some of the bags show off a funky, youthful aesthetic with jewels, chain pieces, and bright details; while others, like the “Dijon,” have a more sophisticated approach to the denim handbag with textured leather accents and modern shape. Many of the bags can best be described as wearable art.  The “Rome” in turquoise, for example, is accented by a gorgeous teal water-colored scarf De Rigueur with beaded turquoise jewelry and stone detail.  The line of recycled denim bags are functional and well-designed, with convenient compartments, pockets, and adjustable straps that help to make life (and finding your keys) a bit easier. 

"London Crown"


Hot Noodle Denim was established in 1990, with a vision to design and create whimsical, stylish handbags and accessories that would appeal to a diverse demographic and bring about a new sense of interest and desirability in quality recycled goods.  Since its beginnings nearly two decades ago, Hot Noodle Denim has found its niche and now prides itself on having a unique design approach.  Manufactured in Los Angeles, all of Hot Noodle Denim’s handbags are products of the USA.  Hot Noodle Denim is committed to doing its part to help the environment through the avenue of recycling fashion; and by providing jobs to workers that aid in the manufacturing, it strives to contribute to the American economy.  With its salute to the Levi’s brand and to the iconic past, present, and future of denim, Hot Noodle Denim hopes to grow and expand with the ever-present changes in fashion and continue its support of creative and innovative fashions.


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